Sunday, 19 October 2014

Where HAVE I been?

I think I've been out of the habit - that's where I've been. So I'm going to run a quick picture gallery of what's been happening and then try to organise myself properly at the weekends so that my weekly blog will restart.
Making zillions of garlands - thank you to all my friends who so graciously accept these as presents - thereby stopping my house from being overrun with garlands.
The start of a little poncho to keep my back warm whilst I am quilting first thing in the morning during the cold winter months when all are fast asleep - love that quiet time.
 The finished poncho
With a lacy edge - this was inspired by Lucy's poncho. I must say she is dedicated - mine covers my chest and back just down to the waist. I decided not to put the pretty flower ties she has on because I think they would get in the way when I'm quilting.  The acrylic yarn comes in some gorgeous colours but I prefer the feel of the natural yarns.

Bit sick of the sight of cushions I didn' realise they would be so popular.
This was a batch of ten for people at work.

Inspired by Karen's lovely quilt and another she has underway,

I decided to make a "Quilts for Comfort" top from a block called Cotton Reel
Which now looks like this - ready to quilt.

We had a team building day at work. All the teachers and teaching support staff went across to the lakes but we had to stay and look after the school so we made another quilt top for 'Quilts for Comfort' - even the caretakers did a block.
I've just got the border fabric for this so may get that sewn on today - visitors permitting.

A little painting
Testing Annie Sloan colours for a new coffee table - I ended up blending some of the yellow ochre with the white.
A thank you present for Janet- most apt!

A little baking:
Chocolate cherry cupcakes and lemon curd tarts. I'll have to take more pics of baking because I make something every week - banoffee cupcakes are a favourite at the moment. Had a great time making stuff for our Macmillan coffee morning but forgot to take pics silly me.

I went to Milton Keynes with John (he was at a conference of chiropracters). I dropped him off and went to a quilt shop I had looked up. Ric rac mmmmmmm
 Walked along the Grand Union Canal
 They crochet here too!
 The lock keeper's cottage
Then went on to Stowe House - it was too far to walk all round the grounds in the time I had, but it was so calm even though I could hear racing cars in the background - it was Silverstone!
Steph and I went to the Busy Bees Studio Open Day. If you ever get a chance to visit do go - I think she is living my dream! Ben loved the donkeys.
 They were right over the other side of the field though
 He ran up and down the hill but didn't wear himself out....
I went to Yarndale a couple of weeks ago. It was stunning. although very crowded. For some peace I went to Bolton Abbey later that day - think I might make a weekend of it next year. I've got some pics somewhere I'll share next time.

I spent all the money I had saved from the cushion sales!
Lovely hand dyed wool from British Blue Faced Leicesters.  Some lemon curd for John and a ceramic heart garland for Steph. Will had eaten his Bolton Abbey Fudge before I took the pic.
These hexagons were made from the Blue Faced Leicester wool and were inspired by the ceiling of a building I saw at Stow House
They are tiny though. I'm also making another cotton blanket which is double knitting.  These centres are the same pattern - I've put a penny next to them.

The cotton squares will become a blanket one day.
And the hexagons will be a Grandmother's Flower Garden.

 I love the little cream jug I bought at Yarndale - it's just the right size for my crochet hooks.
So if you've not been bored out of your mind and have made it this far I promise I'll try to be more organised and blog weekly.  I love reading other blogs - I'm going to redesign mine over the half term break so I'll add the ones I love reading - they give so much inspiration.