Monday, 17 July 2017

Playing hooky

There have been a few more late nights at work than I would have liked this week so I decided that I would have a serious rest day yesterday.  Minimum housework, maximum chill. I was reading a blog I like,  (Sue Pinner) and she was talking about unfinished projects.  Just let me hang my head in shame, I have soooo many. One of which is a lovely baby blanket from My Rose Valley.  I have had the yarn for ages and did quite a few squares but it sort of got put on the to-do pile....

Anyhoo, I laid out the things I needed (took about an hour to find the crochet hook)
The idea was that I got everything to a state where I could just pick up and do 15 minutes a day as Sue suggested.

I decided to mark up the little packet of squares I bought a couple of weeks ago just in case I didn't feel like the crochet.
 I particularly love the little pink rose on a cream background.
So now I am ready to start my 15 minutes for the day. It is 11.30am. At 3.30pm I got up off my rather numb bottom to make some Sunday Dinner (we eat that in the evening).   Roast Chicken etc.  I decided to make some cauliflower cheese for the following day, whilst the oven was on.
 Cooked cheese - be still my beating heart (in more ways than one).
We had a little spoonful on our dinner plates too.

And then I sat back down again.  A quick phone call to my friend ("don't tell me who won the Men's Tennis Final" I said, I have it taped for tomorrow - "oh it was great" she said, "Roger Federer won" - heyho.... back to the crochet)

The trouble is I can't do something for just 15 minutes. Once I pick it up I can't put it down until I'm either too stiff to sit or falling asleep.

Upshot is, the time is now 6.30pm on Monday night and I'm crocheted out.
I did take a break today. To do the patchwork squares.  I got a bit peckish halfway through but, since I haven't been shopping I decided to make some drop scones from my trusty Be-Ro cookbook.

 Glistening with butter, just need a cup of builders tea, and back to the patchwork squares.
 All pieced and ready to quilt.  Just a little thing - 14" x 12" but so pretty.
In celebration of Wimbledon I made strawberry and cream cupcakes this week.  I pureed and sieved half a dozen strawberries and mixed it into the cake batter.  I keep a tablespoon back for the buttercream and added some fresh cream to that too.
So, after a weekend of playing hooky I better get some ironing done tonight just to stop me feeling too guilty. It's going to be a long day tomorrow - I think we have patients in from 9am until 9pm. Glad we don't do that every day. 9pm is my bedtime.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

More Sampler Blocks

Every morning I get up, probably an hour earlier than I need to, and eagerly power up the iPad to read my favourite blogs. Alas some of my favourites have gone off air, most notably My Rose Valley, which is very sad. If no-one has posted since I last switch on I'm so disappointed and yet I am not making my own contribution which is really bad of me. Not that I have any aspirations for thousands of followers by any means, but if people do read my blog and wait for the next instalment then I know how annoying it is when there are long gaps.  Mid year resolution - blog more!

I've been working on the black and bright Quilt as You Go.  Finishing the Dresden Plate:

I like to cut away the fabric underneath to make for easier quilting,

Love the spiral in the middle.

Another one, although this went slightly wrong.  I made a nine inch block and had to improvise to make it the right size.

I made a Card Trick Block, but lent the finished article to one of the ladies at the class so that will have to wait for another day.
The Tumbling Blocks is a design I love but I wanted a more lime green fabric for this.  It looked lime green in the stash but looks very yellow next to the other fabrics.
I've decided to to a nine block quilt which will come out about 48" square.  I was going to make a sixteen block but, well frankly, I can't be bothered.

My friend and I celebrated birthdays in June and we caught up at the end of the month.  We went to the Sandown Quilt Show which, sadly,  is a much reduced show from the ones we first went to.  I think everyone concentrates on Birmingham in August.  I did but some little bits - notably three tiny packs for £10.  This is the first.

I absolutely lovely the 42 shades of grey. This is destined to become a little mat for the sofa arm.  I marked each piece and sewed them by hand. It was very therapeutic, if not very time-efficient.

I've not been too hot over the past month (well thermally I have been too hot though).  I had a trapped nerve which is just calming down now. I couldn't walk, stand, sit or lie - i.e. I couldn't exist, without shooting pains all down my leg and hideous joint pain in my knee. That and the feeling that my leg was a rubber band and I didn't know when it was going to give way.  After some intensive treatment from my lovely son I am on the mend and have got my mojo back.  It was very depressing and at my age made me worry that I was going downhill without the prospect of getting back to normal (yeah well my normal!).

But here I am - ibuprofen and cod liver oil imbued - and raring to go - until next time.... go safely.