Tuesday, 30 May 2017

All change at Strawberry Patches

Reflecting on life choices has been uppermost in my mind for a couple of years or more. A fast-paced job, good money, but not much time to relax and enjoy things in my down-time. Not enough down time - you know the age old thoughts on work/life balance. Well an opportunity came up to change all this.  It's an opportunity that scared the life out of me. It didn't take long for me to decide though.  I put my notice in at work and spent a few frightening days wondering how I would cope on half the money.  So now I work with my son in his clinic in Newcastle. I love it. I don't feel at the moment like I have any extra time but that's my choice and my down-time is much better quality because I'm not stressing over the things I have to do in the near and far future.

More baking:

Oatie Biscuits with a cup of builder's tea - just the ticket.
Indulgent lemon curd cupcakes with cream cheese topping.
and little raspberry and blueberry muffins. I always put a couple of spoons of yoghurt in my cake mix to keep it moist so this has raspberry yoghurt and fresh blueberries.

Next week I have been requested to make some Bounty Bar cakes.

Not much in the way of crafting - also I haven't taken many photos.  But I settled down yesterday to do some piecing for a jewel quilt. Black background, bright coloured blocks and quilt as you go technique. This is both for the Thursday night ladies and for a class next weekend. The Saturday class is actually a Durham Quilting class but the technique for joining quilt as you go is the same.

I cut out some pieces for a bow tie block and a windmill variation.
I know it would be much quicker to sew by machine but I enjoy hand-piecing so much.
Two 16" blocks ready to quilt
I've also done a few more squares from the 'My Rose Valley Baby Blanket - no baby in mind but the yarn is a dream!
Unfortunately she has stopped selling the yarn (Tilda - but nothing to do with the Tilda Fabrics) otherwise I would have bought more to make a bigger blanket. I have found someone in Denmark that sells it but it is too expensive to import. Obviously I can't make a bigger blanket this time but will search round for an equivalent yarn for the future - it's 50% cotton and 50% acrylic and just slightly thicker that 4ply.

So that's the news for the moment. I work on Saturdays now so my weekends are Sundays and Mondays, which is taking some getting used to. I'm looking forward to Max's second birthday on Saturday which is, at that age, more about the grown ups getting together of course!

Until next time - stay safe everyone.