Monday, 15 February 2016

One step back - one leap forward

I'm ever the optimist! Stretching out ahead of me is a whole week off work. I haven't brought anything home to do - the time is mine, all mine.

The step back this weekend was to get out some things that are so overdue for finishing. I would be embarrassed if I were't a quilter. Quilter's lose their ability to feel bad about having so many unfinished objects (UFOs). If we didn't we would go mad. But I won't go there.

This is the quilt I have chosen to complete, hell or high water this week.
It's a very simple quilt with every other block being a plain square. When I have completed the quilting I'll reveal the overall design although you can see it in its unquilted form way back. It is destined for Quilts for Comfort, as are two others I have on the go. These colours are not me at all but that doesn't stop me loving it to bits.

I've been preparing fabric for quilting my Snowball and Nine Patch made from Tilda material.
Centres for the roses using card circles and gathering the fabric around them, ironing them and then removing the card,
Tracing the roses on to freezer paper
Then ironing these and the leaves on to the fabric.
Tacked on to the background and ready to sew (I'm waiting for good daylight - April maybe!)

Thoughts turn to love at this time of year so a little embroidered heart was in order. This can be made easily in an evening - I actually ended up making two because I left one (with some patterns) at High Street Quilting and then made another one for Steph. First I traced the design on the right side of the fabric (which was stabilised with vilene),
Then I embroidered the design and put the fabrics right sides together and tacked all the way round. I hand sewed the first and machined the second one.
I buttonholed around the edges of Steph's - sorry forgot to take a photo before John collected it.
On the theme of hearts I decided a couple of weeks ago to make mini quilts from an earlier design and since it was February I started with that.

Then added January and March to the little collection. Over the next month I'll make the other nine. There is a hanger in my head too - Will has cut me a rectangle of mdf so I'm playing with ideas for that as I perform the mindless tasks associated with Spring Cleaning.

My father used to say he wanted to write a novel and he had made a start by sharpening all his pencils and numbering the pages in anticipation from 1-1000. In that spirit I am making a to-do list for this holidays:

1. Spring clean the kitchen
2. Wash all washable curtains
3. Decorate hall and landing
4. Finish orange quilt and lay out other UFOs in order
5. Visit dental hygienist for three monthly appointment
6. Edit blog and refresh design
7. Paint (as in Shabby Chic) a cabinet I've had for over a year
8. Write pattern for orange quilt
9. Bake something delicious
10. Tidy fabric collection (Now come on - maybe a job too large)
11. Sit on sofa and stare into space.
12. Have Ben and Max overnight on Friday or Saturday

John and Steph have been in the Lakes for her Auntie Em's wedding (on the shores of Lake Windermere on Valentine's Day - sigh). Will has been in Lancashire over the weekend so I had a head start on the list.

So - it's nearly 9am on Day One - I'd better get cracking - starting with getting dressed!  See you next week with my progress -  although I think Number 11 may end up being the most fulfilled!