One of the blogs I follow has a page for 'Gratitudes'  - little things she is grateful for - and she posts nearly every day. It is so easy to remember the big things, or even the negatives, that you can forget the little things that make you smile. So I am following her lead...

Today I'm grateful for:

26th May 2019
  • A leisurely day knitting and watching F1 and Indy 500 (do those pastimes sound like they should go hand in hand?)
  • Pre-cooked rice sachets
  • Impossibly sweet little creatures

25th May 2019
  • Hand quilting tools don't weigh very much.
  • Home in time for the F1
  • Kathryn kindly called into the workshop to show her Durham Quilt

24th May 2019
  • Getting shopping on the way home from work so I don't need to think about that over the weekend
  • Everything is ready for Quilting Workshop tomorrow - no last minute panics
  • Not feeling guilty for falling asleep in from of the telly

23rd May 2019
  • The generosity of friends
  • Making extra Millionaires Shortbread
  • Pretty flowers from above friends

22nd May 2019
  • A clear road when both John and Steph had forgotten their work keys
  • The grumpy people in my life are far outnumbered by the lovely people
  • Fig and walnut bread from Lidl

21st May 2019
  • Electricity and batteries
  • No-one tells me off when I eat a packet of crisps and drink a can of beer instead of eating supper
  • Catch up TV - I didn't realise the Great British Bake Off - The Professionals was on again

20th May 2019
  • Leafy trees, sunshine and a breeze making dappled shadows on my walls
  • Rummaging in my freezer and finding some hidden gems
  • Brothers on a walk

19th May 2019
  • Will fitted my new microwave and took the old one away, not posh but functional
  • A good drying day - duvets and mattress covers wash too
  • Relaxing with some light knitting and a cup of strong tea

18th May 2019
  • Brendie one, computer nil - ha!
  • The wonderful aromas of herbs as I plant them - mint....... mmmmm
  • No brain TV series

17th May 2019
  • The absolute peace of home after a long day
  • Buying fresh herbs to plant
  • Asda's Cheese Bread

16th May 2019 
  • Making muesli bars - a simple but tasty bake
  • The patience of John when I put my foot in it
  • Pretty flowers

15th May 2019
  • Enjoying the warm weather
  • The descriptive talents of food critics
  • One sock down, one to go

14th May 2019
  • Raising a glass on the anniversary of my lovely Mummy's birthday
  • The freedoms we enjoy in this country
  • A little delivery from LucyLocketLand

13th May 2019
  • Getting things done before time - not rushing
  • Clean fresh water to drink, never mind all those 'flavoured' abominations
  • Reading evocative poetry

12th May 2019
  • The sound of blackbirds at 9.30pm
  • Fresh eggs for breakfast
  • Dinner with Will and Alex, John, Steph, Ben and Max with cuddles from kittens thrown in

11th May 2019
  • A quiet morning stitching 
  • Feeling a little more energetic
  • Going to the Heineken Rugby Cup Final with John and Steph

10th May 2019
  • An early finish today - it's been a marathon fortnight
  • Finally getting the hang of spinning on a drop spindle - do I get my wheel out of its mothballs?
  • Baking a Victoria Sandwich before work - its' Cake Friday! (and I saved a quarter for Will whose all time favourite is this very cake)

9th May 2019
  • The rainy morning blossomed into a sunny afternoon
  • Dewdrops on leaves
  • Coffee cake - haven't made one of these for ages

8th May 2019
  • Enjoying my golden hour in the morning - as of 1st June I'll be leaving for work two hours earlier - arghhh! (I'm not getting up at 4.30am to have a golden hour - no sir)
  • A good vacuum cleaner ( I hate shoddy products with a passion)
  • Little contrast stitches - orange on navy

7th May 2019
  • Two years of working with my youngest son
  • Tuna cheese melt for lunch
  • Watching YouTube for ideas on how to improve my spindle technique  - not a hard task!

6th May 2019
  • Finishing the gloss-work I'd planned over the weekend - Steph is doing the skirting boards (phew!)
  • Getting better at spinning on my drop spindle
  • Starting on a new sample - it might be a present too!

5th May 2019
  • Audio books to keep me entertained when painting 25 miles of dado rail
  • All the blossom - so beautiful
  • The waiting room is finished

4th May 2019
  • Dado rails undercoated
  • A takeaway Indian
  • Fine weather - not too hot and not too cold

3rd May 2019
  • Day One of the re-paint - all lower walls done
  • Everyone having lunch at the same time 
  • The feeling of everyone pulling together

2nd May 2019
  • Laughing and putting the world to rights with my quilting friends
  • Getting ready for a long weekend
  • Being organised and making malteser tray bake before work

1st May 2019
  • Returning to my blog
  • Lunch with Will 
  • Choosing fabrics and drawing flowers

24th March 2019
  • The calm after the storm - having two small boys running around and being able to stay sane has always been a mountain for me
  • I finished my Brioche Shawl
  • Ben playing Pizza slaps 

23rd March 2019
  • A few hours quiet in between work and the boys coming for the night
  • Cuddles, pizza and jigsaws
  • Max stayed in bed until 6am despite being awake at 3am - only one night for me, every night for Steph and John

22nd March 2019
  • Max is feeling a lot better after a nasty cold/fever
  • Friday tidying up of loose ends at work
  • Oh my knitting mojo - soon to be a tah dah!

21st March 2019
  • Just having a really good laugh
  • The back terrace is looking good - no rain yet to check that the fall is going in the right direction, as distinct from straight towards the house
  • Will is clearing the last few tools from the sun lounge - a lick of paint soon and we'll have another usable room 

20th March 2018
  • John didn't lose his rag when Steph and I accidentally disabled the server in the middle of clinic
  • Detecting sustained signs of spring
  • A new set of clips to replace the set that went AWOL

19th March 2019
  • A friend is relaying some flagstones outside my back door
  • Planning the herb pots and seating on the newly laid terrace
  • Some stunning blue skies amidst the hail, wind, rain and brimstone

18th March 2019
  • John didn't get annoyed when Steph and I accidentally messed the network up
  • A good second week with the weight loss
  • Managing to get a photo of my latest quilt despite the bad light

17th March 2019
  • Having a quiet day all to myself
  • A little stitching, a little knitting and some chatter with my best friend
  • Watching the first F1 of the season - my favourite driver won!

16th March 2019
  • A slow stitching Saturday afternoon with Alex
  • Noisy birds in the garden
  • At last! I've found a book that will let me design a gansey

15th March 2019
  • Cosy cardigans when the wind is icy
  • Watching the F1 2019 season opening shows
  • Finding a lovely little kilner jar for transporting my lunch

14th  March 2019
  • Bright sunshine despite the cold wind
  • Seeing the buds on my plum tree
  • Getting ready for Red Nose Day

13th March 2019
  • The warm feeling we get when patients are so excited about how much better they feel
  • Central heating - that wind is icy cold
  • Fabric, yarn (and the sense of touch)

12th March 2019
  • Browsing through knitting books at 6am
  • A cup of hot chocolate - weighed and measured of course
  • Finding a design of side plate I love to replace my dwindling collection - love the White Company

11th March 2019
  • A successful weigh in - Week 1 down  and 11 to go
  • Meeting weird and interesting people
  • A new book to listen to

10th March 2019
  • Slow Sunday pottering
  • Catching up on television programmes
  • Cooking ahead for next week

9th March 2019
  • Playing with Ben and Max in the garden
  • Shopping at 8pm when it's quiet
  • Anticipating lunch

8th March 2019
  • Being able to Whatsapp a happy birthday wish to my cousin who is in Hong Kong at the moment on his way back from a trip to Australia
  • Clear roads (ok, where have all the cars gone this morning?)
  • Green Lentil Salad with Aubergines and Halloumi for lunch

7th March 2019
  • The blackthorn bushes are in full blossom- a welcome sign of things to come
  • 4 days down successfully towards the lighter me
  • Redcurrant Jelly and White Chocolate Cupcakes

6th March 2019
  • Getting  a lot done before I went to work
  • We haven't killed the orchid at work yet
  • Getting ready for the embroidery 
5th March 2019
  • 2 days down 88 to go ( I jest - the rest of my life to go)
  • Getting loads of stuff done at work for once instead of running around like a headless chicken
  • Which book shall I start first? A haul from my visit to Karin

4th March 2019
  • Monday is diet day! 1 day down 89 to go
  • Finished quilting the little baby quilt - ready to embroider words
  • Email from Amy before she is off to America

3rd March 2018
  • Lunch at John's with Will Alex and Gemma (Steph's sister)
  • Getting back and feeding the hens before the rain set in
  • Cosy night listening to the wind and rain outside but huddled under my duvet

2nd March 2019
  • Seeing old friends 
  • Having left-overs to warm up so I don't have to stop stitching
  • Feeling the same swooning excitement and wonder at the infinite beauty of colour and form

1st March 2019
  • A little gift of a homemade Bourbon Biscuit and a Cranberry Pistachio Cookie from Alex waiting for me at home after work
  • A weekend without plans ahead of me
  • Chapel View Crafts stitch markers

28th February 2019
  • Back to quilt class - a new lady came tonight
  • Will brought me a big pile of parsnips
  • Nearly half way up the shawl

27th February 2019
  • Back to work after the break - gets me out of the house!
  • Daffodil watching as they all come out of hibernation
  • Still squishing my new yarns

26th February 2019
  • Making it to the filling station when my empty light had been flashing for 5 miles
  • The good feeling a clean car gives you when you've made mess over a long journey
  • Chicken fried rice for tea - my English version with bacon and peas

25th February 2019
  • Two days off work to do a million things or nothing at all
  • The beautiful spring weather bringing out insects and butterflies
  • Getting the hang of brioche stitch

24th February 2019
  • A good journey home in one hop and the whole visit done on one tank of diesel - just!
  • John fixing my dripping shower and Will keeping my house safe
  • My slightly shabby, very homely, very familiar little house - a journey away always makes home special

23rd February 2019
  • Lovely trip to the cinema - film was only ok though! Instant Family - typical American formula
  • Being patient with Brioche Stitch increases
  • Getting some little plants for my garden from Karin- Hellebore and a little Campanula

22nd February 2019
  • Fog lifting to reveal a lovely sunny warm spring day
  • Meeting a lovely knitter with a beautiful booth
  • Getting some spinning tools

21st February 2019

  • A safe journey and uneventful too
  • Plenty of talking lubricated with a little Prossecco
  • A sound night's sleep

20th February 2019
  • Will for house-sitting and hen keeping
  • Fine weather again
  • Finding a home for my oversized hat (with a Rasta friend! - perfect)

19th February 2019
  • Cumberland Pie for tea
  • Coping with strange and unpredictable patients - it all adds to life's rich tapestry - think Jack Nicholson in Something's Gotta Give
  • Seeing little daffodils poking their pretty heads through the earth

18th February 2019
  • A really easy journey into work - love school holidays
  • Still stretching out into my space
  • Ordering pretty thread for the linen and lawn quilt

17th February 2019
  • Will and Alex safely back from the Lakes having really enjoyed their break
  • Lots of quilting done on my little Linen and Lawn quilt
  • Purple flowers are finished (I forgot how much lilies stink but couldn't bear to throw them away)

16th February 2019
  • A 'free' Saturday - no must-do tasks (apart from feeding Will's animals)
  • Standing in Will's garden on top of a high hill breathing fresh crisp air
  • Spending a whole afternoon with my sewing machine

15th February 2019
  • A takeaway indian meal at the end of a long week
  • My crafting space is resumed after a month of sharing
  • Finding a lovely piece of wadding I bought at Sandown 2 years ago, for my Linen and Lawn Baby Quilt - Hobbs Orient - Bamboo, Silk, Tencel and Cotton - ahhh

14th February 2019
  • Max safe and sound after his operation
  • A lovely bright sunny and warm day - just like Spring
  • Chocolate drizzled Brazil Nut Cookies

13th February 2019
  • Whistle stop day - everything achieved 
  • Stretching back into my space as John, Steph and the boys spent their first night in their new home
  • Decorating the room we hire for our satellite clinic, plenty done, plenty to do

12th February 2019
  • True belly-laughs - the happiness hormone is produced - one per day minimum requirement!
  • Being able to record the TV when Shetland and the Great British Sewing Bee are on at the same time. 9pm on Tuesday night must be my type of slot.
  • Squeak - a new book to fuel my rekindled knitting mojo

11th February 2019
  • Nice day at work - covering Steph's day as she was supervising carpet laying 
  • Enjoyed a nice meal of crispy bread and cheese with John - the last before they move out
  • Prepped some fabric for a zippered bag before I went to work

10th February 2019
  • Bright lovely sunshine
  • Sunday Dinner with all the family gathered around the table
  • A quiet afternoon with Alex, making yarn cakes

9th February 2018
  • Running round the garden with Ben and Max - gosh the grass is wet!
  • Macaroni cheese for supper when I thought there was nothing in the house to eat
  • Crochet Squares are stacking up!

8th February 2019
  • Another good day at work. It's good to enjoy what you do
  • The decorators have finished John's painting so all excitement to move in on Tuesday
  • An early night after a rather tasty little bottle of cider

7th February 2019
  • The bright sunny day after an unpromising damp grey start
  • Smarties eggs - yes I have started early
  • Ann's Sew Demented Bag is coming on well despite forgetting her glasses and borrowing someone's holiday reading glasses!

6th February 2018
  • Managing to stay awake (I'm having a very lethargic winter)
  • Getting stitching done before the planned electricity works cut off the supply
  • Getting some stitching done at all

5th February 2019
  • A steady day at work - no headless chickens here thank goodness
  • A new book - Secret Relations by Rebecca Forster
  • Stacking up the squares

4th February 2019
  • Finally I've cracked a quilt pattern which should have been simple
  • Lots of washing done and blowing in the fresh (i.e. freezing) wind today
  • Being able to ignore pompous people - it's taken a lifetime!

3rd February 2019
  • A nice relaxing family day
  • A rapid thaw - only a little snow and ice in the shady places
  • Varying thicknesses of yarn keeping me on my toes - 5mm hook and 2mm hook

2nd February 2019
  • The roads were clear enough to drive to the yarn workshop 
  • Spending time with my lovely sister-in-law
  • A naughty but appropriately British Winter Lunch

1st February 2019
  • Little silicone moulds for making soap arrived today
  • Everyone safe home after a few inches of snow fell
  • I finished my home dyed yarn cowl today - just to be blocked now

31st January 2019
  • (After being grateful for no frost yesterday) The car was warm enough to drive safely (i.e. I got the inside windscreen defrosted) after 20 minutes. 
  • Watching everyone working away at their projects at the quilt class
  • A new recipe - orange ricotta cookies which actually tasted more like moist scones

30th January 2019
  • No frost 
  • A productive morning before work
  • Pink and blue - my first little project bag holding my first hand-dyed yarn project

29th January 2019

  • Using my new lotion bar - definite favourites are orange oil and lavender 
  • Getting a pattern in the post I'd promised to send last week....
  • A new series of 'Shetland' is coming soon - love brooding detectives!

28th January 2019
  • Keeping my cool when I dropped stitches on my cowl.
  • Having an abundance of little boy cuddles
  • John making chicken fajitas with guacamole for tea

27th January 2019
  • Warm clothes when the wind is biting cold
  • My little cowl will be finished before I go on the dyeing workshop this weekend
  • Making solid hand lotion with Alex and her lovely friend Sal then having lunch with them and Will

26th January 2019
  • John and Steph got the keys to their new house
  • Feeling a bit more like making an effort to clear and sort
  • The tickets arrived for Un Ravel 

25th January 2019
  • Clear roads to work after a week of traffic jams
  • Laughing with some particularly nutty patients at work
  • A takeaway curry and some prosecco after a long day and then early bed

24th January 2019
  • Nearly finished the little sewing bag
  • Bright sunshine and crisp air
  • Malteser traybake

23rd January 2019
  • Lovely moon and bright starry nights
  • A good car heater
  • Well on the way with my hand dyed cowl (weekly progress marked)

22nd January 2019
  • Being a patient person most of the time
  • Getting lost in a creative world - being able to get lost in a creative world
  • Jelly beans when the day has not been kind

21st January 2019
  • The beauty of a frosty morning
  • Having patient friends
  • Using my lovely progress markers

20th January 2019
  • Everybody went to Will and Alex's new house for our first lunch together there, including Ben's  cousin, Grace
  • A roaring fire to keep us warm
  • A quiet knitting session when everyone went to bed

19th January 2019
  • Time to relax at home
  • Bright fresh weather - that clean crisp air you get at this time of year
  • Getting to grips with the Sew Demented Bag (well almost)

18th January 2019
  • Getting a good haircut - it was a long time between this time
  • Coming home to gammon, egg and chips, compliments of Steph
  • A new book

17th January 2019
  • Not quitting when things are piling up - grit girl, show some grit!
  • Sweet little voices in the morning
  • Sunshine after the snow - a view from my window at work

16th January 2019
  • House move Part 1 went off successfully - both shattered and everyone installed in their temporary rooms
  • These past few days have made me take stock of the junk I have accumulated. Let operation de-clutter begin!
  • The forecast rain held off and it was all pretty sunny 

15th January 2019
  • Almost ready for the family fortnight (decorators willing) 
  • Some sunshine today ahead of a pretty dreary forecast
  • A little parcel on my doorstep

14th January 2019
  • Picking the boys up from school and getting to play with them
  • Making Pasta Bolognese - enough for Will and Alex as well as John, Steph and I
  • A new audio book

13th January 2019
  • Shopping before the crowds arrive
  • Sorting through drawers and laughing at myself for the stupid things I keep
  • Enjoying the last few hours of peace before John, Steph, Ben and Max stay between house moves........ you can do this, you can do this, you can do this.........

12th January 2019
  • Enjoying podcasts and vlogcasts - there is a lot of work behind those scenes
  • Making progress with my little cowl - rescuing mistakes as they happen and learning to ignore the ones that happened too far down!
  • Picking out fabrics to make a zippered pouch - the dark one is actually royal purple

11th January 2019
  • Peaceful mornings stitching and knitting before work
  • Being able to shrug off when people are rude to me 
  • Left-over cake 

10th January 2019
  • Being back with the lovely people at Thursday night class
  • The internet
  • A book I ordered for my Kindle last June and forgot about until now

9th January 2018
  • Finding someone with more ridiculous things in their handbag with me -  a full size stapler??
  • Looking though seed catalogues
  • A delicious meal - chorizo frittata from fridge leftovers 

8th January 2019
  • Some lovely morning skies - azure blue and pearly pink with earlier light each morning
  • Helping untangle Alex's wool and getting to see the lovely colours she used as it emerges
  • Snuggling warm under home-made blankets

7th January 2019
  • A quiet morning with Ben before work
  • Really enjoying the knitting - 12 rounds of 96 completed
  • Finding some nice little storage tubs from Aldi for hen food (it's the little things in life!)

6th January 2019
  • Waking up with two babies cuddled in (Mammy and Daddy are packing ready to move on 16th)
  • Late delivery of stocking fillers (yes they do make me a stocking, but not always on Christmas Day)
  • Time later in the day to knit the yarn I dyed yesterday

5th January 2019
  • Getting the house tidy after taking down the Christmas decorations
  • No more biscuits to munch
  • Having lunch with Will and Alex and then going on a yarn dyeing workshop with Alex

4th January 2019
  • The end of a 24 hour bug - I always get one in January
  • Reading comments on Google that people write about John's healing powers (proud Mammy)
  • An expected emotional response to the book I just finished

3rd January 2019
  • Understanding friends.
  • Being able to crawl into bed when a bug strikes
  • Fresh food

2nd January 2019
  • Being back to work normal hours - loved the break, missed the routine
  • Knowing which day it is without having to look
  • Planning this month's 'makes'

1st January 2019
  • Not being superstitious since both boys forgot my ritual of first footing- hey ho
  • Enjoying an impromptu takeaway Chinese with Will and Alex
  • First finish of 2019 on New Year's Day no less

     *   *   *   *  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

31st December 2018
  • Remembering the good things over the past year
  • Gentle laughter with my family
  • Toasting the new year in and remembering all those no longer with us (I couldn't finish the whisky - getting feeble in my old age!)

30th December 2018
  • Finishing Ben's Corner to Corner Blanket 
  • All the Christmas food is eaten - apart from some biscuits
  • Starting a hat with a clear conscience!

29th December 2018
  • Dry, bright and windy weather - fresh and clear
  • Will putting up a new roosting bar for my hens
  • Being able to send eggs home with him - no boxes, so just in hay which can be given to the rabbit

28th December 2018
  • A really quick commute as everyone is still on holiday
  • Juicy mandarin oranges
  • Having time to watch podcasts and crochet

27th December 2018
  • Spending a frenetic morning with Janet 
  • Spending a quiet afternoon on my own!
  • Collecting a little haul of eggs

26th December 2018
  • A peaceful day, no cooking, no hassle no tasks
  • The company of my two boys at various times during the day
  • Looking at Ben's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tooth photos - and yes everyone sang 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!' He lost the first one on Christmas Eve and the second one on Christmas Day. 

25th December 2018
  • Sharing Christmas with my lovely family
  • Such thoughtful and gorgeous presents
  • The Christmas morning moon

24th December 2018
  • Wrapping presents by the fire
  • Having lovely stuff in the fridge
  • Sharing in the joy

23rd December 2018
  • Pottering gently
  • Exchanging emails with distant friends
  • Sharing a quilty evening with Steph

22nd December 2018
  • Closing the doors at work for five days and having time to catch up with my blog
  • Lunch at the Turkish restaurant after work with John, Steph and the boys
  • More delicious eggs from my hens - such lovely creatures

21st December 2018
  • All the gifts and thanks the patients have brought in for us
  • Putting the finishing touches to the last Christmas orders
  • Getting the last present ordered through the post - only one to come.

20th December 2018
  • All the ladies at my Thursday class - such lovely people
  • Making more headway with the last Christmas Stocking order
  • Sunshine on the eve of the shortest day

19th December 2018
  • Preparations for Christmas well underway
  • Baking millionnaires shortbread ahead of time
  • Watching the finals of Masterchef the Professionals even though my favourite was knocked out

18th December 2018
  • An excellent day at work, good business, good laughs, good time
  • A good audio book when I got stuck in traffic (The Au Pair by Emma Rous)
  • Finally getting round to making a 'sleeve' for my wrapping paper rolls

17th December 2018
  • Having a very productive day even though I got called in to work just after lunch
  • Cutting out the last stocking orders
  • Delivery of my new little table (handles and baskets to finish)

16th December 2018
  • Getting some heavy shopping done for Christmas - non-perishable stuff and bits for the freezer
  • Charging the batteries a bit
  • Finishing off a little project bag to go in the post tomorrow

15th December 2018
  • A quiet afternoon at home after work, doing mostly nothing
  • Nearly all the presents are bought
  • A pearly pink morning with a white end to the day

14th December 2018
  • A quick trip into Newcastle to visit the dental hygienist with enough time to buy cushion pads for my Scandi Christmas cushions (I don't get out much)
  • Christmas parcels with handmade stockings in have been received at their destination
  • Laura Ashley 50% sale means I have a new set of bed linen (white but taken in the dark!)

13th December 2018
  • Rushing around but not like a headless chicken
  • Alex coming to class and making bunting
  • Making Christmas cushions

12th December 2018
  • More eggs from my new hens - plenty to bake with this week
  • Good stitching time
  • Watching my little star - remembering his daddy doing the same - looking around for his mammy and giving that proud happy smile that we were there to watch.  Not a dry eye in the house

11th December 2018
  • Sending off the last of the Christmas stocking orders
  • Watching a selection of Vlogmas contributions 
  • Roast Pumpkin soup

10th December 2018
  • Finished my Christmas cards (It's usually about 18th December so I'm ahead this year!)
  • Chattering with Will
  • Finishing my Linden Bee Shawl (and wearing it - so soft and warm)

9th December 2018
  • The family arriving in force for an impromptu lunch, the chatter, the laughter
  • The silence after the family left - ha!
  • Alex stayed and we sewed together. Alex made little stockings

8th December 2018
  • Sunshine today makes the soul smile
  • Seeing the bottom of the ironing basket
  • Making tassels, drinking Ovaltine and eating home-baked cookies 

7th December 2018
  • Staying up late and switching off my alarm before I go to bed
  • Max and Steph called in to work so I got a lovely cuddle to set my day up
  • Powerful writing, although I'd like a solution too.... although I suppose that's up to us

6th December 2018
  • Hot fresh ground coffee to drink at work
  • The different patterns made by car tail-lights - so many designs!
  • Stitching little Christmas Trees

5th December 2018
  • Starting work at 2pm so not having to go out first thing in the morning when the weather was atrocious
  • Watching my little hens picking up their petticoats and running when I bring them dried meal worms as a treat
  • Nearly finished another stocking order

  • 4th December 2018

  • Being able to laugh at myself for being a silly mare (increasingly often!)
  • Seeing a patient walk in to the clinic without his walking stick for the first time
  • Marvelling at the icy patterns on my windscreen even though they made me late for work

3rd December 2018
  • Continued the chill with Monday off work
  • Home deliveries for groceries that are too heavy to haul
  • Not feeling guilty for leaving the ironing

2nd December 2018
  • Some bright weather today to burn away the blues
  • The chill out that was much needed - stitching, surfing catching up on recorded telly
  • New laid egg for breakfast - my favourite, poached on buttered toast with a grind of black pepper, compact white and golden lush yolk. Mmmmmmm

1st December 2018
  • Steph and I are swapping Saturday shifts and I look after the boys whilst she goes in to work with John (not sure who has the easy task though!)
  • Crocheted through the evening until my wrist ached - just because I could
  • Max's little perches

30th November 2018
  • A fix-it day at work allowed an empty 'out-tray' for the weekend
  • A takeaway indian meal because Will had eaten the new-laid eggs I had been coveting all day
  • A lightened mood as work gets back to some normal organisation

29th November 2018
  • A visit to Will and Alex's house this afternoon to meet her mum and dad who are just as lovely as she is
  • Feeling a bit more organised
  • The new hens are settling in 

28th November 2018
  • November at work is hotting up after a quiet start
  • My car - being able to get somewhere quickly and easily is vastly under-appreciated
  • The quiet before the storm - morning grey and still, afternoon wet and windy, really windy

27th November 2018
  • Swapping a shift with Steph and picking the boys up from school
  • Ben was so excited to use my sewing machine
  • A new audio-book  -a murder mystery with a fabric-y theme

26th November 2018
  • Remembering a first date 42 years ago and not shedding too many tears
  • Not beating myself up for not being organised
  • Finishing off Christmas presents ready to be sent by post (well nearly)

25th November 2018
  • Having breakfast with Will
  • Watching the last (😞) F1 race of the season in peace!
  • Passing the half way point on Ben's little corner to corner blankie

24th November 2018
  • My Saturday off means I can rest my sore knee
  • Making gentle plans for the rest of the weekend
  • Starting a new book

23rd November 2018
  • Catching up with a friend at a rugby match
  • The kind person that helped me up when I launched superman style over a bumpy pavement
  • The joy of finding something I can barely remember getting, which has been hidden for about six years- a treasure for sure

22nd November 2018
  • Good audiobooks get me through traffic jams to and from home
  • Enjoying the plans for Christmas without the hassle
  • Maple Pecan Squares - my nod to Thanksgiving

21st November 2018
  • Getting prepared for the class - baking and patterns made
  • Sharing broth for lunch with Will, John and Steph (unexpectedly)
  • Nearly finished stocking orders with more to come

20th November 2018
  • Listening to the sound of rain pattering against my window as I lie in bed
  • A lovely hot cup of fresh brewed coffee
  • Doing my 'homework' for the staff meeting in a timely manner- Chapter 5 and 52

19th November 2018
  • A new girl at work is jolly and works hard
  • A cottage pie was ready and waiting for me to heat up after work
  • Some gorgeous little stitch markers arrived in the post today

18th November 2018
  • Finished my Linden Bee Shawl - just need to block it and make the tassels.
  • An almost quiet Sunday
  • The off switch on my phone and television - Black Friday -  Huff huff 

17th November 2018
  • Letting my hair down after a long week at work
  • Loving my son so much I even braved the Saturday shoppers for him (not with good grace though - let's be realistic)
  • Buttery mashed potatoes - Elfe, they are buttery before you add the butter.
16th November 2018
  • Max planted a big kiss on my mouth. He cuddles all the time but this is the first kiss
  • More orders coming in for Christmas stockings - I love making them
  • Cherry-Heart's Podcast - like a friend chattering to you

15th November 2018
  • Swapping good reading ideas with a polymath
  • Being better organised on a Thursday afternoon
  • Seeing someone's beautiful work and attention to detail (more pics at the weekend)

14th November 2018
  • Starting work later on a Wednesday
  • Lashings of hot water - how lucky are we??
  • The humour of Graham Norton

13th November 2018
  • Chilli and lime chicken sandwiches for lunch
  • Being able to breathe lungfuls of fresh air - I love my little corner of England with its wide horizons and fresh air
  • Golden sunshine as I get ready to leave for work

12th November 2018
  • Boys dropped off on time at Nursery and school
  • John and Steph returned safely and had enjoyed themselves
  • Five hours of quiet - five hours in one session - five, ahh

11th November 2018
  • Remembering the ultimate sacrifice of so many to keep our land free
  • Ben and Max arrive at 8am for a 24 hour stay - I can do this, I know I can
  • Met my goal on steps for the day (see above!)

10th November 2018
  • Happy Birthday to Will - 33 today
  • My house becoming clearer as possessions are moved in a new home
  • My spare bed was made up and food cooked for exhausted Will and Alex whose bed was still in their living room in pieces.

9th November 2018
  • A restorative visit to the hairdresser
  • Reading, reading, reading, every single day a pleasure in the written word
  • Room for one more on top? The little lone bird on the right did eventually hop up!

8th November 2018
  • My compassionate son Will who buried my ginger hen with such gentleness
  • Knowing Ann - a lovely person who sat with an old lady she didn't know for over an hour waiting for an ambulance
  • The quiet and healing pleasure of baking

7th November 2018
  • Finished the day in a better mood than I started it
  • Chicken pie waiting for me when I got home from work
  • December is done - all twelve quilts finished

6th November 2018
  • Celebrating John's birthday. My little boy is 31 eek!
  • Laughing with Ben when I realised I'd bought him a 30th birthday card. Steph wasn't amused.
  • My Kindle reader. Used every night since Will bought it for me six years ago.

5th November 2018
  • Still watching the fireworks and savouring the smell of woodsmoke
  • Being there when my children need me
  • Ben being so kind and helpful with his little brother, setting up his toys and helping with derailments

4th November 2018
  • A quiet but productive Sunday - batteries recharging
  • Watching fireworks over the whole weekend - so pretty
  • Starting the stocking orders with coffee and a cupcake too

3rd November 2018
  • Online shopping when I can't be bothered to go out
  • Getting things finished at work after a really busy week - the new week can start from scratch
  • Ben gets a checkover from his daddy- everything is in the right place!

2nd November 2018
  • Brioche for breakfast even though it's not a weekend
  • Sharing jokes with people at work
  • Learning how to use some new software from the generosity of people on Youtube

1st November 2018
  • The little bird that sings outside my bedroom window in the morning
  • Bright sunshine after a grey start
  • Discovering the perfect fabric for a Christmas stocking order - starry blue- gorgeous

31st October 2018
  • Doing simple little things to make someone's day better - payback is enormous
  • Getting ahead with some baking
  • Choosing colours for the November Mini Quilt

30th October 2018
  • Being patient with someone who was lonely and just wanted to chat. 
  • My beautiful boys (I could put that everyday)
  • Lemons - they freshen the microwave after Will has cooked eggs in it - yuk!

29th October 2018
  • Lots of cutting and prep work done today
  • Peaceful surroundings
  • Alex brought me some tomatoes from her hanging basket

28th October 2018
  • Meatloaf night with Alex and Will after they spent another day decorating their new house.
  • Lewis Hamilton is five times F1 World Champion
  • On the home stretch with my Worn and Washed quilt

27th October 2018
  • A cosy day inside when all outside is cold/bright/windy
  • Going to the cinema with Alex, Carol, (sister in law) and Chris (nephew) to see Bohemian Rhapsody (sob, sniffle, smile)
  • Max loves his ear defenders

26th October 2018
  • Switching off the alarm clock this morning and knowing I have 3 days without it
  • A raft of new projects swimming around in my head, digital and material
  • The bittersweet start of a new book knowing it's the last in the series

25th October 2018
  • Surviving the day - ha!
  • Getting some things finished on time and knowing the rest can wait
  • Cutting up honeycomb for a traybake and not eating eat

24th October 2018
  • A sunny breezy day so all the duvets, pillows and bed linen got a lovely wash and blow dry
  • A patient laughed for the first time in 30 years because he hadn't woken up with a headache
  • A little bit of stitching done

23rd October 2018
  • My lovely quiet home after an 11 hour shift
  • Contemplating al the lovely things I'm probably never going to make
  • Taking shabby chic that extra step - found on Instagram

22nd October 2018
  • Happy smiley people that make your day bright just by being there - thank you
  • Finding new blogs that make my heart quiver with their lovely handmade stuff
  • This time of year - planning family celebrations and snuggling under quilts

21st October 2018
  • Not minding that I didn't stitch much (family first!)
  • A luscious warm but refreshing breeze and bright October skies
  • Enjoying a good F1 race - Raikkonen wins at age 39 in a sport full of teenagers

20th October 2018
  • Sharing a Chicken Fried Rice with Ben and Steph
  • Cotton Sheets
  • Beautiful clouds - morning and night

19th October 2018
  • Bright Autumn sunshine
  • Seeing Ben's face light up when I picked him up from after school club
  • A new book - Making children's Clothes by Emma Hardy

18th October 2018
  • John arrived in Dallas after an eventful journey and arrival
  • Lovely, lovely people at my class that make Thursdays such a pleasure
  • Real bread that doesn't turn into shrapnel when you toast it

17th October 2018
  • A quiet and gentle morning
  • Being there for John and Steph as they stress over their impending house move (yes both boys are moving house)
  • Being one step ahead with my baking for once

16th October 2018
  • Enjoying my work.
  • Being able to forgive Will for eating my macaroni cheese and not telling him he ate my tea.
  • Searching through my Scandi Christmas fabric and still going weak at the knees at all this loveliness after all these years of quilting

15th October 2018
  • British Gas Homecare who were there within two hours when my boiler broke down.
  • Finally sorting and shredding papers which have been in the to-do pile for far too long.
  • That delicious urge to create when I'm sorting through my fabrics to start another project.

14th October 2018
  • Supper at home with Alex and Will
  • Bright sunshine later in the day after a cloudy start - sunshine lifts the spirits so
  • An elegant read

13th October 2018
  • People I haven't seen for 20 years recognised me - and I them!
  • A lovely day crocheting and pottering
  • A comforting cup of Ovaltine

12th October 2018
  • A new central heating boiler at work
  • Polite people who always have a smile at the ready
  • Little buttons all in their packages

11th October 2018
  • The sweet aroma of Florentines baking in the oven
  • A bedroom is emerging as Will moves his gym equipment to his new house
  • The arrival of yarn for my Linden Bee Shawls (one for me and one for Karin)

10th October 2018
  • Watching crafting podcasts/videocasts at breakfast time
  • The sound of the hens in the morning heralding a new day
  • Doing more than I intended (full pictures at the weekend!)

9th October 2018
  • The new boiler is fitted at work. Not quite done. Weather keeps mild!
  • Hugs from loved ones.
  • The October Mini Quilt is pinned and ready to complete. (wrong side showing)
8th October 2018
  • Being cosy in the house whilst the wind whistles outside
  • The powerful vacuum cleaner at the garage
  • Painting little pumpkin buttons

7th October 2018
  • Having a whole day to choose what I want to do
  • Finding pretty fabric whilst searching for (and not finding) another fabric
  • Will has made a new feeder for the hens to make it easier for me to fill up

6th October 2018
  • Listening and laughing  with  Alex's story of her day of Ted Talks in Gateshead, vowing to go next year
  • Snatching a snooze on the sofa after work
  • Frothy flowers of Russian Vine hanging over the hen's pen

5th October 2018
  • The smooth welcoming sheets of my bed after a mammoth day/evening at work
  • Opportunities for quiet contemplation
  • The continuing beauty of Autumn
4th October 2018
  • A bright, low autumn sun in the east shining against dark grey clouds in the west, highlighting the golds and reds of the trees
  • Being right for once
  • Banana cream, choc chip cupcakes

3rd October 2018 
  • John and I chattering over each other in the car because we have so much to say
  • Getting a lot of stitching done and writing a pattern at the same time
  • The lovely feel of linen after it's been ironed

2nd October 2018
  • Dappled sunlight through the tree canopy
  • The soft murmuring of the hens as they give you sleepy greetings
  • Madeleines and strong coffee for breakfast

1st October 2018
  • Watching Ben's excitement as he opens his birthday presents
  • A gentle and productive day at home
  • The anticipation of a new crochet blanket

30th September 2018
  • Lovely cloud formations from high upper winds and bright blue skies
  • A restful night's sleep
  • Finding and re-reading a lovely book

29th September 2018
  • Being able to make a last mixture decision to go to Yarndale
  • Getting home after a long drive home from Yarndale 
  • Yarn, colour, enthusiasm - oh so much beauty

28th September 2018
  • Will and Alex have the keys to their first home - so exciting!
  • Looking forward to a long weekend - Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Everyone pitching in, customers, colleagues and patients for a successful Macmillan week
27th September 2018
  • Catching up with my daily Gratitudes
  • Being able to record TV programmes and watching them at leisure
  • Autumn light - sunlight, rainclouds and autumn glory

26th September 2018
  • An unexpectedly warm September day - 21 degrees in the North of England!
  • Pottering around before work. No rushing about today
  • Making toffee sauce at 10pm and not being too tired to do it!

25th September 2018
  • Getting organised after a horrendous commute and everyone arriving 45 minutes late (all from different directions). A1 madness
  • Enjoying the fleeting colour changes of Autumn
  • Melted chocolate over toffee sauce over shortbread - what more can you say

24th September 2018
  • John is back at work after a week's leave. Order is restored in my universe.
  • Making Millionaire's Shortbread and not having to share the saucepan for the last little scrapings of toffee sauce
  • Pictures of the Harvest Moon over London last night

23rd September 2018
  • All night cuddles from Ben and Max- well until 4.30am which is Max wake up time.
  • Will has built a new section of pen for easier filling of the hens' food containers
  • Baking time for our Macmillan Week - Luscious Lemon Bars and Smartie Cookies

22nd September 2018
  • A good listen on the way to and from work today - Lynda la Plante with Jane Tennison
  • Chicken Pie for lunch
  • Ben and Max are coming for a sleep-over

21st September 2018 
  • Having a powerful hot shower
  • Cloud formations before during and after windy weather
  • Flowers still going strong 17 days after I bought them for £2 at Lidl

20th September 2018
  • The sound of rain on my window when I'm cosy in bed
  • Max running towards me and jumping into my arms
  • Daim Bar Cupcakes with ganache (and I did lick the bowl)

19th September 2018
  • I managed to restore my broadband connection without resorting to calling BT
  • Looking at tidy drawers - oh the pleasure!
  • Making thai green curry paste and having pretty left-overs

18th September 2018
  • The pleasure of a clean and tidy house - well parts of it anyway. It's clean where it matters!
  • A concerted effort to tidy my drawers has revealed all sorts of 'lost' delights including my original planner from 1994, complete with a few photos

17th September 2018
  • An impromptu trip to Ikea (lovely to look at their room settings)
  • Warm September weather
  • Colourful binding

16th September 2018
  • Discovering that a quilt is closer to being finished than I thought
  • Having lovely neighbours
  • Chooks enjoying some bird seed 

15th September 2018
  • A Saturday at home
  • Finishing the quilting on a UFO ready to bind
  • Don't seek and ye shall find - finding two wrinkled mini quilts which I'll quilt tomorrow

14th September 2018
  • A clean bill of health at the dentist
  • Being able to reassure nervous patients
  • A trip to fabulous Chinese Supermarket in Newcastle (HiYou)

13th September 2018
  • The bounty of autumn
  • A chocolate gift from a friend
  • Seeing people's lovely interpretation of my quilt instructions

12th September 2018
  • Seeing my boys every day even though they've both left home
  • Texting with friends
  • Listening to Cherry Heart Podcast whilst sewing circles

11th September 2018
  • I spied two apple trees in the wild hedgerow (whilst in queuing traffic!) laden with shiny red fruit
  • Enjoying the Great British Bake Off in my Golden Hour the morning after
  • Anticipating a Wednesday morning stitching and designing

10th September 2018
  • The abundant amounts of fruit in the hedgerows this year
  • My quiet little house after a stressful Monday
  • Vacuum cleaners and pressure irons

9th September 2018
  • Stitching before breakfast, housework before lunch, stitching before dinner
  • A lovely warm September day
  • Drop scones for breakfast - a Sunday treat

8th September 2018
  • The end of a fraught week! Computers errrrk!
  • The quit rhythm of stitches
  • Alex brought Plum Crumble cake for tea

7th September 2018
  • Pencil and paper - they don't need to be re-booted
  • A nice glass of ginger beer
  • Max has discovered pegs

6th September 2018
  • Being a bit better organised today
  • Watching the autumn colours emerge
  • Pumpkin love - 14" x 10" table mat

5th September 2018
  • Getting stuff done today quietly to save rushing tomorrow at work
  • Sorting out new baking recipes
  • Sharing a lunch with Will. I have been doing other things the last few Wednesdays. Mmm Frittata with cottage cheese, potatoes, bacon spinach and tomatoes.

4th September 2018
  • Antibiotics for Max's poorly ear
  • I found my new glasses which had been lost for a week
  • Alstroemeria - such lovely colours and only £2 in Lidl!

3rd September 2018
  • Roads still quite quiet despite rain and teacher training days
  • Dinner in the fridge
  • Who needs an alarm?

2nd September 2018
  • A productive day 
  • The soft glow of the sunset after a lovely day
  • A Bergere de France catalogue arrived through the door - I haven't had one like this before

1st September 2018
  • Enjoying a peaceful hour after work before the family descended
  • The family descending 
  • A new Shetland series book - oh no it says the final one 😢

31st August 2018
  • The end of the day - it was a long one! A hard week......
  • Enjoying the early signs of Autumn 
  • Another enormous bag of plums from a patient at work.

30th August 2018

29th August 2018
  • Roads to work still clear for another week before schools go back
  • I got two new pairs of glasses (can't find the first pair???)
  • I managed to finish the little bag kit 

28th August 2018
  • Still standing after a frantic day at work!
  • The Great British Bake Off started a new series today
  • Fresh clean water on tap, clean house, clean clothes, clean me

27th August 2018
  • A quiet and refreshing day
  • Being able to afford things I don't need
  • Made a lot of progress with the little Lynette Anderson Bag

26th August 2018
  • The 'worn and washed' quilt is nearly half way done. 
  • A lovely long chat with a friend 
  • Time to breathe

25th August 2018
  • Another Turkish meal out after work - this time with John, Steph and the boys - they were so well behaved (the boys!)
  • A quiet afternoon stitching, snoozing and watching the F1
  • Sandy the Dog had a late night so Ben tucked him in for a nap 

24th August 2018
  • New glasses - eyes still in good condition 
  • Lovely wild flowers along the road to work
  • Marks and Spencers Deli Food for tired girls - Sticky Salmon Caesar Salad

23rd August 2018
  • A glowing gibbous moon
  • A bunch of flowers from a friend
  • Nutella cakes

22nd August 2018
  • Choosing to slob out or get cracking on a Wednesday morning - today I slobbed out!
  • Chatting with John on our car journey to work this afternoon
  • Finding my hardly-used metal thimble to allow quilting with crochet thread to continue despite my sore finger

21st August 2018
  • Finished the diary structure at work - whew! what a marathon
  • Chattering with Claire about how much we enjoyed Mama Mia 2 - she just went at the weekend.
  • Reading until late because it's an afternoon start tomorrow (different book from audio book though. I have several on the go)

20th August 2018
  • A gift of a bag of ripe juicy plums from a patient
  • Getting more than one or two questions right on University Challenge (how do those young people have such a breadth of knowledge?)
  • Started a new audio book this weekend

19th August 2018
  • My lovely family - I love watching them chatter and laugh
  • Breakfast with Will and tea with Ben 
  • A restful weekend.

18th August 2018
  • Lunch out with John at our local Turkish restaurant
  • Setting a new structure for our work diary - nearly finished
  • Having the opportunity of doing something I love - every day 

17th August 2018
  • Working 'back-office' on a Friday afternoon
  • Excuses to bake more - Macmillan Coffee Morning Week plans!
  • Friday is Cake Day every week

16th August 2018
  • A busy day at work
  • Time to bake
  • Finding precious little bits of fabric - Nancy Halvorsen in this case

15th August 2018
  • Opticians - keeping my vision tip-top
  • Gentle people
  • Old shirts

14th August 2018
  • Telling silly jokes at work
  • Cottage Pie
  • A little book I bought for a £1

13th August 2018
  • Surviving the first day back at work after a week off - arghh it was so busy!
  • My latest book - A Villa in Italy - slow start but enjoying it very much
  • My new sticky tape dispenser 

12th August 2018
  • A lovely laid-back day to stitch. 
  • Will came over for tea
  • Sweet, fragrant melon

11th August 2018
  • The kindness of Steph - she took me all the way to Birmingham and back
  • The ability to buy so many beautiful things - I'm so grateful I can get all these things and that people produce all of them

10th August 2018
  • Playing with Max in the garden - he's so happy it squeezes my heart
  • So many things crossed off my to-do list - quite a record
  • Another gorgeous sunset
  • One little blanket finished (32" x 21"), one more to do

9th August 2018
  • Being able to bake in the morning before the kitchen gets the sun on it
  • Listening to the children playing on the school field, laughing and shouting
  • Purple flowers (and they only cost £1.60 from Aldi - double gratitude)

8th August 2018
  • Remembering 8th August 1996 - a turning point for me
  • Spending time with the babies, heartstrings pulling like mad!
  • Another cheesecake, passionfruit this time

7th August 2018
  • A quiet day finishing things
  • Sorting and tidying my shelves
  • A lovely sunset - that would make a good fabric art subject

6th August 2018
  • Learning a new financial software package for the clinic - it seems straightforward......
  • The weather is fair and very pleasant - not too hot
  • Having a delicious cup of coffee and a lemon brûlée cheesecake

5th August 2018
  • A reasonably quiet and quite productive day
  • Chatting to my friend on our regular Sunday call
  • Sun-warmed strawberries - English are without peer

4th August 2018
  • No alarm to wake me up this morning
  • A takeaway indian meal for tea
  • Most of all a lovely day spent with a lovely friend doing something we both enjoy - what could be better?

3rd August 2018
  • A welcome haircut (shorter at the neck for maximum cooling!)
  • Ice cold ginger beer - and a little alcoholic too
  • The sweet smell of a cypress tree in the sunshine after a shower

2nd August 2018
  • Ice cold water from the fridge
  • Companionship with quilting women

1st August 2018
  • Celebrating the anniversary of of father's birth - an amazing man
  • A relaxed morning before work - happily stitching and painting in between chores
  • Little bee buttons ready to sew on

31st July 2018
  • My cosy little house after a long stressful day at work
  • An unexpected and welcome chat with a friend
  • Stopping off to buy some new floss - hooray for later opening hours!

30th July 2018
  • Gorgeous cloud formations - grey and pearly coral last night
  • More refreshing rain but still lots of sunshine
  • Left over nibbles so I didn't have to think about making tea at 9.30pm........

29th July 2018
  • Paper stemmed cotton buds are back
  • A visit to the cinema with Steph and Alex to see Mama Mia 2
  • A bit of time to sew, squeezed in to the afternoon

28th July 2018
  • A bit cooler today but still muggy (thundering as I write)
  • A little peace this afternoon before the boys come for a sleepover
  • I get to cuddle two lovely little chaps all night!

27th July 2018
  • A network expert came to see the computers - the server is reprieved!
  • A spectacular and cleansing thunderstorm - temporary loss of power but all ok now
  • A happy bunch of flowers - £3 from Lidl

26th July 2018
  • Leaving the computers at work behind for a few hours! Lordy they are being troublesome.
  • Happy faces at the quilt class - such lovely people - it makes my heart swell.
  • Joanne brought a scrumptious fresh cream chocolate and strawberry gateaux tonight. Oh my.
25th July 2018
  • Collecting my little buttons from the laser cutter man - new shapes to paint too.
  • A lovely piece of Brie de Meaux which gently eases itself into a new shape when I have cut a piece off to eat.
  • Some flowers and coloured leaves brighten the driveway at our Durham Clinic (we rent a room in a business centre once a week)

24th July 2018
  • A handful of jelly beans after some stressful computer problems
  • All the lovely fabrics I have to choose from
  • The August mini-wallhanging is prepped and ready to stitch

23rd July 2018
  • Enjoying the quiet roads as the schools start their summer break
  • Having a giggle with a patient who tells me a funny joke every time he comes
  • Listening to my latest audio book 

22nd July 2018
  • We went to see Will and Alex's prospective house - the lady is a quilter! And the house is lovely too!
  • An exciting F1 with a good result for my favourite drivers.
  • Rediscovering some beautiful linen fabric
21st July 2018

  • Staying in my nightie most of the morning (no work today)
  • Not doing much of anything - resting my brain!

20th July 2018
  • The little boutique pub next to the clinic has guest 'street food' nights - today was Romanian street food - vegetables and rice wrapped in a cabbage leaf with pickled vegetables and sour cream
  • Looking forward to a Saturday at home stitching
  • Enjoying the early morning sunshine and shadows

19th July 2018
  • Our front desk workforce is back up to full strength
  • The quiet industry of women sewing together
  • A little bag for my crochet

18th July 2018
  • A relaxed morning's housework
  • A really good sewing pattern
  • Fresh herbs on tap

17th July 2018
  • A wonderfully perfumed morning after the rain
  • Working in a back pain clinic and helping people to get better
  • My next door neighbour planted a little bee garden

16th July 2018
  • Some rain!
  • A dramatic lightning show this evening - animals safely tucked away
  • Homemade vegetable pakoras for lunch

15th July 2018
  • Cooking a few meals for the week while the kitchen was still cool
  • A lovely breeze to offset the high temperatures
  • My beautiful hens for laying such delicious eggs

14th July 2018
  • Giving yourself a chance by making a little more effort
  • A chance to rest my weary body after a long hard week
  • I got myself  a yoghurt maker  

Lakeland Multi Yogurt and Soft Cheese Maker alt image 1
13th July 2018
  • Fresh raspberries for breakfast
  • A life affirming attitude (see below French Women don't get Fat)
  • Glorious sunny days

12th July 2018
  • The end of a long day- Ha!
  • A lovely patient who always tells me a joke and makes me laugh
  • Chicken and Avocado Wrap for lunch

11th July 2018
  • Getting to grips with the housework. Brendie 1 - 0 Lethargy
  • My fit bit shows a daisy when I meet my activity targets
  • Everyone applauded the efforts of the English Football Team

10th July 2018
  • A long but productive day at work
  • My back is getting stronger
  • Over half way through the two little blankies. 108 squares needed in total 

9th July 2018
  • A little cooler but still summer
  • What a good read!
  •  Image result for french women don't get fat

8th July 2018
  • Slow Sunday
  • My morning shower - starting the day fresh and alert
  • Good neighbours

7th July 2018
  • An early finish from work on Saturday allows for a little sneaky siesta!
  • The warm weather continues and a light breeze makes it even better
  • Daisy days

6th July 2018
  • The welcoming embrace of quilting friends
  • A thoughtful and welcome card from a friend
  • The smell of fresh baked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

5th July 2018
  • Will and Alex are so excited about their new house
  • Some lovely yarn arrived - I'm itching to get some more circles done

4th July 2018
  • Beautiful cloud formations as evening clouds are lit by the sun
  • Feeling positive about my plans for the future
  • Discovering a new recipe - courgette and chick pea flan

3rd July 2018
  • We sorted the backlog from the computer glitch- normal service resumed
  • I'd prepared a double helping of pasta last night so there was a dish in the fridge ready tonight
  • A new book to read and be inspired by

2nd July 2018
  • The end of the first day back to work (one off sick, one on holiday - errkk) 
  • Making a flan with chick pea flour instead of eggs (for a change, not because I don't eat eggs)
  • A kind thought from a friend I haven't seen for a long time

1st July 2018
  • My lovely home with its familiar things
  • Wishing Steph a happy birthday today, with Will, Alex, John and the boys
  • Max likes playing with my crochet hooks and watching the Grand Prix - where did he get that from? 

30th June 2018
  • An easy day at home, quiet and sunny
  • Mac n cheese for tea
  • A nice little clutter on my table

29th June 2018
  • The server at work is repaired after something fried. 
  • Had a lovely snack in a tea room in Washington 
  • Met with a laser cutter who is going to produce some of my button designs - squeak!

28th June 2018
  • A safe journey home - Malaga airport crowds not withstanding
  • A good cup of tea made with familiar water
  • My plants are still alive after a week without rain 
  • A huge moon (sorry about the focus - only moonlight!)

27th June 2018
  • Having had such a lovely break in the sun
  • Having a laugh (too many mojitos)
  • Tired Max being given some porridge by his Mummy and Daddy

26th June 2018
  • Everyone takes turns to make sure Max is safe
  • Alex and I roasted some vegetables for lunch
  • The blossom of the jacaranda tree (sorry not blossom, it's part of the leaf)

25th June 2018
  • Watching the pretty (but as yet) unidentified birds roost tonight
  • One of the best ice-creams I have ever had right up the mountains in Competa
  • A totally laid back day around the pool

24th June 2018
  • Spending time talking with my boys on my birthday
  • A quiet afternoon on the beach and an amazing salad for lunch

23rd June 2018
  • The happy couple

22nd June 2018
  • Taxis to transport me to and from airports - so much walking at Paris (Charles de Gaulle) though

21st June 2018
  • Seeing so many people at Richie's funeral - he was a very special person.

20th June 2018
  • A conversation with John via WhatsApp, watching Max laughing on the swing. 
  • Getting Will and Alex sorted for their flight
  • The amazing smell of my new climbing rose

19th June 2018
  • Time spent with Carol composing the order of service for Richie, laughed, cried and was surprised at the things I had forgotten and remembered.
  • The wedding party arrived at Sayalonga safe and well and I'll join them on Friday
  • Having the desire to get back to my gratitudes page
18th June
  • Last day at work until 2nd July - lots of sad and happy times to spend over the next couple of weeks
  • Steph collected Karin and deposited her at my house.
  • Karin and I laughed and laughed - she is such good tonic

17th June 2018
  • Alex and Will have seen a house that they both love - fingers crossed!
  • A lovely platter of Roast Beef for Sunday lunch with the family

16th June 2018
  • Arriving back home (after a horrendous afternoon at the Metro Centre getting stuff for the wedding - Saturday afternoon - never again!)
  • Ibuprofen - I hardly ever take it but I have a bulging disc. Oh ouch!

15th June
  • Our new receptionist is settling in well - takes the pressure off Claire and me
  • Eating chocolate brownies - om nom nom

14th June 2018
  • Karen and Hilary's kindness - no fuss, no drama,  just there
  • Immersing yourself in a little project

13th June 2018
  • Alex's chilli and rice waiting at home after a long day

12th June 2018
  • The gentle comfort of friends

11th June 2018
  • Sharing 63 years of this glorious life on earth with my brother, who died today, one month after being diagnosed with lymphoma. 
10th June 2018
  • My lovely, mad, generous, exuberant family
  • The peace that stitching imparts
  • Mowing the lawn with straight lines

9th June 2018
  • The smell of fresh cut grass
  • The generosity of brother to brother 
  • Catching a leaf-cutter bee flying into a hole in the wall on a magic carpet - I hope it's not from my bay tree or rose bush!

  • 8th June 2018
  • A lovely haircut (it comes with a Head Massage)
  • Happy birthday beautiful Alex

7th June 2018
  • The abundance of growth in the garden
  • People who see things through to the end despite the rocky road - what an inspiration
  • The taste of Ovaltine transferred to a cupcake

6th June 2018 
  • A Walnut Whip in the cupboard I'd forgotten about
  • Watching Bob Mortimer on YouTube
  • The soldiers of the D-Day landings - my undying gratitude

5th June 2018
  • The swathes of daisies along the roadside
  • Fresh juicy fruit - day two of juices 
  • Sinking into my lovely welcoming bed!

4th June 2018
  • back to work and routine - I love routine
  • Still lots of blossoms on hedgerows
  • Day one of Juice Week successful Kale & Apple, Spicy Beetroot

3rd June 2018
  • Being able to take it easy when my back has flared up
  • Shopped for lots of fruit and vegetables - turning my back on crappy food habits which have crept in over the past few months - again
  • Max's 3rd birthday - no fuss, just lots of joy-  a simple cardboard castle and a water play table which he climbed straight into! (No water indoors)

2nd June 2018
  • John and Steph returned safely from their whirlwind honeymoon
  • Alex and Will arrived safely in Fort William
  • Ben asked me to make a 'blankie' for his toy dog 

1st June 2018
  • Apricot beer at the end of a long hot day
  • The charming innocence of children
  • Steph and John have tied the knot

31st May 2018
  • Dental Hygienists - keeping my old teeth sound
  • The healing power of fabric
  • Fridges to set chocolate in the heat - mmm, apricot flapjacks, chewy and sweet

30th May 2018
  • Membership of the AA when John drove over a brick (why don't cars have spare tyres anymore?)
  • Steph had cooked some ham and gave my a thick slice to take home for tea
  • I saw a swallow - so late this year but they are here!

29th May 2018
  • Understanding friends
  • Playing with the boys
  • July Mini-Quilt is done and the pattern written

28th May 2018
  • Lunch with Will and Alex at their new (temporary) home
  • Max is making much more eye contact - slow progress but progress none the less
  • Happy chooks
27th May 2018
  • Preparing projects to be picked up when the fancy takes
  • An energetic morning, sun shining birds singing
  • Watching F1 from Monte Carlo and stitching on more leaves

26th May 2018
  • Being able to  chill- nothing planned
  • An extra day to spend at leisure (Bank Holiday Monday)
  • List which keep my days on track

25th May 2018
  • A quiet drive home from work
  • Being excited about a new quilt idea
  • The ingredients for tonight's cakes are all weighed out ready to mix

24th May 2018
  • A smooth day at work with smiling clients
  • Watching people create beautiful quilts
  • Strips cut ready for the July Mini-Quilt - strawberries!

23rd May 2018
  • I managed to get a second coat of paint on the fence today and start the gate
  • Will cut the grass and cleaned the mower down 
  •  The July Mini quilt pattern is written

22nd May 2018
  • LIDL Jelly Beans
  • Alex had cooked my tea
  • Weird but tasty cheese 

21st May 2018
  • Not such an empty nest - my fledglings are popping back and forth - breaking me in gently
  • Birdsong wakes me every morning - I think I said that already but it makes me smile!
  • I crocheted some more squares - and have decided not to make a full blanket from this yarn

20th May 2018
  • A productive day
  • Alex helped me paint the first stretch of fence
  • I finished the little project bag

19th May 2018
  • Enjoyed some Royal Wedding highlights - loved the dress
  • Step one - bought the paint for the fence
  • I bought some lovely climbing flowers to go along the fence - including a couple of clematis

18th May 2018
  • A lovely hug from Max all cuddly in his PJs and Ben, fresh from the bath eager to show me his latest bruise. 
  • Will and Alex's excitement as they prepare their new home (bittersweet for me of course)
  •  A little gift of afternoon tea from Steph
17th May 2018
  • I managed to call in to collect my new lawn mower
  • Lemon bars are chilled and ready to cut for the class tonight - no hot kitchens this afternoon
  • The new yarn arrived - Scheepjes Secret Garden - 219 squares to go!

16th May 2018
  • Will told me to give him a ring if I can't get the lids of jars when he moves out. Ahhh...
  • The dust behind the sofa wasn't as bad as I thought it would be
  • The blackbird nesting in my Choisya bush doesn't fly away anymore when I am in the garden

15th May 2018
  • Being able to get things off my chest to people who do not judge
  • Things all in place for GDPR at work 
  • Useful and delicious a lovely biscuit and a little tin for bits and pieces

14th May 2018
  • Happy birthday to my mother who died 10 years ago. An amazing women and a source of great inspiration for womanhood, generosity and undying love.
  • John safely back from a trip away.
  • My bee bag well on the way to completion

13th May 2018
  • Birdsong - what a wonderful start to the day
  • Having time to do my stitchery (i.e. being able to ignore the mess around me)
  • Making  mousse with Alex - with Mint Aero Bars

12th May 2018
  • Alex - she is everything a mother could want for her son
  • Having people to miss when they aren't there
  • My new book arrived and I couldn't resist a little triangle

11th May 2018
  • Both boys at home at the same time - a mother's treat
  • Seeing in colour
  • Purple tulips

10th May 2018
  • Getting away from work in time to bake without rushing
  • Ordering a new crochet book I don't need (yes I do need!)
  • Ann's quiet determination

9th May 2018
  • Chatting with friends
  • Changing my mind about the new bag design
  • Starting the stitching - how I love doing this!

8th May 2018
  • A light rain to water the garden, but still fine weather
  • A new audio-book - The Teacher by Katerina Diamond (a little gruesome)
  • A good strong cup of tea, the perfect temperature, bone china - nothing better!

7th May 2018
  • Meeting someone I hadn't seen for nearly 25 years
  • A celebration tea with friends - old and new
  • Finishing the cushion (no cushion pad yet)

6th May 2018
  • Watching Ben eating his egg and soldiers for breakfast, holding back the urge to sweep him into my arms and hug him with all my might 
  • Having all the windows open all day and breathing in fresh warm air
  • Little beads of dew on the leaves - looking like crystals sewn along the edges

5th May 2018
  • Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • Another sunny day from dawn to dusk
  • My happy hour - 6am to 7am with the sun filtering through the blinds

4th May 2018
  • Sunny all day - hope it lasts the weekend too
  • Four hours work tomorrow then off for two and a half days - in the garden!
  • My bounteous little henny-pens

3rd May 2018
  • Driving home to my current audio book, Entry Island by Peter May - I didn't mind the traffic jams today.
  • Reading other people's blogs
  • The smell of fresh baked ginger cookies

2nd May 2018
  • The smell of Johnson's Baby Powder
  • The sunshine when it looked like rain was setting in
  • Little touches

1st May 2018
  • My first anniversary at the Clinic - a year with my boy and we're still speaking!
  • Remembering to wonder over the small stuff
  • Finding a perfect bee button in my collection

30th April 2018
  • A good month at the Clinic 
  • The Baby Quilt is finished in record time
  • The mini-pegs have arrived! 

29th April 2018
  • Chatting about everything and nothing with my lovely friend Karin
  • Watching a really exciting F1 
  • On the home run with the baby quilt

28th April 2018
  • A whole Saturday at home hand-quilting
  • Getting the weekly shopping so that Sunday will be uninterrupted
  • Fresh crisp cotton sheets

27th April 2018
  • Takeaway deliveries when I'm too tired to think
  • Books -  a paperback, one on a Kindle and an audiobook - all at the same time!
  • De-stressing by making lots of dots

26th April 2018
  • Preparing my patterns the day before class
  • Carefully sorted files - I should keep them like that all the time
  • Ann has finished her quilt!

25th April 2018
  • Having a lovely quilt supplies shop near my home
  • Tender green shoots finally appearing
  • Pink roses with green edges

24th April 2018
  • Back to normal routine - this makes the 'abnormal' more special
  • Waking up to the nearly finished baby quilt top
  • An impromptu soup - left over broccoli and a tin of chick peas with a few spices and some seeds

23rd April 2018
  • A day off to catch up - spent entirely making a baby quilt instead
  • Watching the Book Thief with Alex, both of us sobbing at the end, grateful for the peace we have now
  • Painting BAKE letters duck egg blue

22nd April 2018
  • Coming home - John and Steph home safe, their little family reunited
  • Will making cheeseburgers for Sunday lunch!
  •  Purple and bronze together - loving my latest blanket - a quarter done now.
21st April 2018
  • Peace- lovely peace - no electronic sounds, no telly, just birdsong
  • Alex and Will coming over to entertain the boys with footie 
  • A cold beer and curry (all calorie counted)

20th April 2018
  • Mirrors at the right height in my house (all John's are set for tall people)
  • Max did well with his PECS communications practice today and matched some animal shapes too
  • Cousin Gracie came to play 

19th April 2018
  • Ann's quilt is nearly finished - it's been a marathon
  • John and Steph arrived safely in Spain
  • Time with Max on his own - doing what boys do best

18th April 2018
  • The plasterer came on time and the hole in the ceiling is no more
  • All the ironing done and the house looks neat as a new pin
  • Finished work by 7pm and home to pack my stuff for the stay at John's

17th April 2018 
  • A good belly-laugh with a patient yesterday about memory loss
  • Greek salad - it takes me instantly to the sun-kissed shores of Corfu
  • Dr Karl's podcasts (Australian Broadcast Company)

16th April 2018
  • Roads still quiet this morning
  • Marks and Spencer’s green vegetable medley
  • DI Tennison prequel on audiobooks

15th April 2018
  • John cleared some space from my hard drive
  • Ben and Will enjoying each other's company
  • Cinnamon roll and coffee for breakfast whilst watching the Chinese F1 at 6.30am

14th April 2018
  • Car sharing to work with my lovely son
  • Cuddles from Max and Ben in a sunny garden
  • A simple supper - macaroni cheese with tomatoes

13th April 2018
  • It looks like the rain is easing off and the forecast is warm
  • I've treated my computer to some more hard drive
  • A trip to the hairdressers for a good laugh with the colourist and a head massage

12th April 2018
  • Struggling today! Absenteeism meant I had to miss my class.
  • Ok then - having something I love doing so much that I really miss it when I can't go!
  • Walnut bread, strong cheddar and a cup of coffee

11th April 2018
  • A quiet supermarket
  • Chatting with a patient who had been rushed to hospital and still managed to laugh about it
  • Deciding to swap my shopping list topper even though it's still freezing cold

10th April 2018
  • Ha! The heating. We turned it back on again!
  • Will's big heart, a birthday card to a nonagenarian who thought he didn't have anyone left to send him a card. Will got signatures from all his own friends who sent messages thanking him for his bravery in the war.
  • Claire making me laugh when I was feeling down.

9th April 2018
  • We had to turn the heating off at work because it was too warm
  • Will back safe from his trip to Norfolk
  • The rabbit was pleased to see me (why I ask myself?)

8th April 2018
  • Mild weather two days running
  • Labour saving machines make my Sundays easy
  • Having time to relax and create

7th April 2018
  • The ability to record TV programmes whilst I'm out
  • A fridge full of food so I don't need to go shopping
  • Curling up on the sofa with my Moorland Blanket Edging 2 more rows to go!

6th April 2018
  • Quiet time in the back office to catch up
  • A lovely sunny day
  • The yarn arrived to finish my Moorland Blanket

5th April 2018
  • Happy people at work is the norm
  • A thoughtful gift from a friend (thank you K!)
  • A new recipe- flapjack with attitude

4th April 2018

  • The leaky pipe is fixed (it's not dripping through the ceiling)
  • The leaky pipe is fixed (the boiler doesn't depressurise)
  • The leaky pipe is fixed (no bucket in the middle of the dining room)

3rd April 2018

  • Quiet roads on the way to work
  • Listening to a good audio book
  • Reading a good print book

2nd April 2018

  • Cadbury's Chocolate
  • A restful day
  • A sharp pair of scissors to remove the thread I vacuumed up

1st April 2018

  • Alex got the job she was interviewed for - Yay!
  • Two days of rest stretch ahead
  • A lovely gift on my little work table when I go up this morning

31st March 2018

  • Home from work - it was a long day
  • A takeaway chinese meal
  • A lull in the rain so I could get the shopping

30th March 2018

  • A sparkly clean bathroom
  • The smell of new carpet
  • Effortless colour and a new pattern

29th March 2018
  • Bright fresh mornings with cool clear air to breathe
  • Blueberries and raspberries for breakfast
  • The arrival of my new yarn - squeak!

28th March 2018
  • Steph covering my shift at work this afternoon
  • An ability to ignore the mess - carpets fitted tomorrow
  • A fresh cup of coffee

27th March 2018
  • Cool water and paracetamol
  • Sleep
  • Kind messages from my lovely friend Karin

26th March 2018
  • A Cheese and Pickle Sandwich 
  • Deciding to make my Moorland Blanket a bit bigger
  • Will's amazing network of friends, this time a carpet fitter.

25th March 2018
  • Warm sunshine 
  • Texting with a friend who's been away
  • The last few rows of my Moorland Quilt

24th March 2018
  • The start of the F1 season 
  • The smell of rosemary
  • Easy tea

23rd March 2018
  • An early finish at work
  • A Caramel Egg McFlurry (you naughty, naughty thing)
  • A trip to the Cotton Tree to see my lovely friend Jan

22nd March 2018
  • Warm Weather - a balmy 12.5 degrees!
  • Ann's sense of humour
  • A new recipe for Carrot Cake 
21st March 2018
  • The leak is fixed! Hot water and heating restored- hooray.
  • Coming home to lovely broth
  • Baby fruit bats

20th March 2018
  • Finding the leak on the heating system and it is not underground!
  • Mindless but ultimately entertaining television
  • Switching off my alarm clock for Wednesday morning

19th March 2018
  • Clear run to work - no snow, no traffic (well relatively speaking!)
  • Late opening supermarkets
  • Seeing a little wall hanging, nearly finished, when I got up this morning

18th March 2018 
  • Cheese
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Playing with designs

17th March 2018
  • Will arrives safely with Alex despite more snow forecast
  • My tumble dryer
  • Shopping before the snow set in - leaving the supermarket car park

16th March 2018
  • An early finish after a hard couple of days at work
  • Claire's kindness
  • John better after family tummy bug strikes 

15th March 2018
  • The end of the day
  • Strong tea
  • Stitching therapy

14th March 2018
  • Emergency plumbers
  • Pretty pink polka dot fabric
  • Cosy quilts to wrap round me when the heating is playing up

13th March 2018
  • Watching 'Shetland' with Douglas Henshall 
  • Finishing work on time
  • Black Bean Chilli

12th March 2018
  • Blueberry Yoghurt
  • Finding forgotten little quilts
  • A new handbag (and not expensive!)

11th March 2018
  • Jelly beans
  • Mother's Day
  • Playing with colour 

10th March 2018
  • Chatting with John  in the car about rugby 
  • Spaghetti and meatballs for tea - years since I had this
  • WhatsApp - sharing pictures in an instant

9th March 2018
  • Sunshine nearly all day
  • A Takeaway Thai meal waiting for me at home
  • Ideas swirling in my mind for new designs

8th March 2018
  • No frost on my car
  • Laughing with the Ladies at Quilting Class
  • Toffee Sauce

7th March 2018
  • Sticking plaster when I grated my little finger
  • Cheerful patients, even when the are in pain
  • A clean tidy kitchen

6th March 2018
  • Coming home to a warm house - 13 hours after I left for work
  • My hard working sons 
  • Marks and Spencer's Gastropub Cottage Pie - worth every calorie

5th March 2018
  • Audiobooks in a traffic jam (Part 3 of the Lewis Trilogy)
  • An uninterrupted water supply
  • Peace and quiet after a hectic day

4th March 2018
  • A big thaw
  • Sunday lunch
  • Uncle and Nephew

3rd March 2018
  • A warm radiator to come home to
  • A good story on my Kindle
  • Pure Fish Oil for my joints

2nd March 2018
  • A cup of fresh hot coffee to start my day
  • Clear roads to work
  • Purple flowers

1st March 2018
  • Dried apricots reminding me there is sunshine
  • Walking boots that keep your feet toasty in the snow
  • Local shops just a short walk away


  1. I just spotted the Gratitudes tab on your blog so clicked in to take a peek - how lovely - and inspirational - the little things really do make life that little bit sweeter. Keep posting! Karen x

    1. Thank you Karen - it really isn't hard to think of three things each day, even when it feels like a bad one!

  2. Hi Brendie - Reading your gratitudes for 12th April - have to say the coffee looks as strong as the cheddar! Yum! Karen x