Sunday, 12 May 2019

Darting from project to project

It's very rare that I don't do some sort of  handwork on a daily basis - actually I think the only days I don't pick something up is if I'm ill. I had flu for the second time in my life nearly eighteen months ago and I spent three days in bed. That must have been the last time I didn't indulge in 'making'. With lots of different things going on I never get bored but on the other hand they take a while to finish. I'm ok about that though.

Yesterday (Saturday) I worked on:

A sample for the Hand Quilting Workshop

2. Some more spinning:
My lovely generous father bought me a spinning wheel about thirty years ago, when I lived on the farm.  I'd been given a couple of lambs one easter and was keen to use their wool.  
It turned out that the wool was really scratchy and of course you only get one fleece a year so that handicraft went into mothballs after a while. Now you can get beautiful wool and all manner of other fibres to spin, courtesy of the internet and the many yarn festivals that have sprung up over the past decade. I will ask one of the boys to get the wheel down from the loft and set it up for me.

3. A few rows on my second pair of socks. This is a sock 'tube' and I will cut into it to make the heel when I've cast off. 
The television was on in the background during the morning and I watched the F1 and F2 whilst knitting. Hang the housework I say.

I have some more knitting champing at the bit including a shawl, a jumper and a cardigan as well as a second go at a hat I knit at the beginning of the year and had to give away to a friend with dreadlocks because it came out a leetle larger than intended.

This weekend has been just what I needed after a very long fortnight at work. I even managed to squeeze in a little housework, begrudgingly!

We are changing working patterns from the 1st June and I have decided to give up teaching at my local quilting shop.  In many ways it was a hard decision but in some ways it was a really easy decision too. Thinking of patterns, writing, stitching and producing something week in, week out, takes its toll. Maybe when I retire I'll go back. Maybe not.

I'll continue to design and write patterns which I may publish but I'm not putting myself under pressure. 

John bought us tickets for the Heineken Cup final which was held at St James' Park - home of Newcastle United.  We were in the Platinum Suite with a lovely bar, separate entrance and - joy of joys - padded seats. 

The only down side was the backwards and forwards of people to the bar. There seemed to be a lot of people here for the 'social event' rather than to watch the rugby. It's a lot of money to pay to buy expensive beer!  The game was good and the weather was fine too. It'd rained at lunch time but the sun shone on the match.  John and Steph went on to have a meal at Bouchon Bistro  using the vouchers I gave John for his birthday. They ate here just after John proposed to Steph on a picnic at Sycamore Gap.  so it was a bit of a romantic return. 

We are so lucky to live in this part of the world, close to beautiful countryside, amazing beaches and an area steeped in history. The clear air and wide horizons make my heart sing. 

I came back home to the recording of F1 qualifying to see my favourite driver taking poll position for the race today.  I'll be watching the recording later tonight because we're all meeting up at Will's and Alex's to have lunch today. Before that I'm going to do some more squares on my Battenberg blanket.

It's been a magical weekend and my batteries are recharging ready for the week ahead.  Sometimes I work myself so hard I sink into a fug and feel as though everything gets on top of me, but at times like this I can stand back and feel blessed with the life I have. 

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