Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Sorry about the absence - I'm back now

It started with my laptop going for a new hard drive. It was a puny 120Gb and now it is pumped up to half a terabyte. I bought it thinking that everything would be done on the 'cloud' and I would only need a small hard drive. Wrong. The operating system for all the bits and pieces I have (and it is not that many) was taking up most of the hard drive.  It went away for a couple of days to a local Apple expert and came back ages ago.

That coincided with a very busy time at work and I sort of got out of the habit of blogging. Sorry! Not having much energy and brain space at the end of the day meant I didn't really get much stitching time in, so I didn't have much to show either.

I can't guarantee I'll get back to weekly blogging but I'll try.  I'm afraid I will have a gap in my daily gratitudes because I can't possibly store that much information in my poor wilting brain.  But it's in there today. There are also some finished articles under the 2019 completed projects tab.

In my Works is Progress at the moment are:
The Batternberg Blanket - now on to the cream squares as all the coloured ones are done
I divided them into two piles of 46 and then started the Join As you Go method from Sandra at Cherry Heart, whose design this is. Hers is done in 4ply and mine is in Scheepjes XL (Aran weight). The colours were from a Christmas present and I have been squirrelling the creams over the past couple of months. It is the first aran project I have done as I normally prefer working with finer yarns but I've enjoyed it immensely. It's going to be a throw rather than a bed size and will have a simple border around to finish it off.

I finished my first ever pair of socks which are far too big for me so I will need to find someone with big feet who doesn't mind hand washing their socks. I think they would fit an English size nine.
 I have measured my feet this time and started another pair.
The pattern is on Ravelry and is designed by HeyBrownBerry - it's called Pebbles and Pathways.

On the quilting front I have been making samples for a workshop - 'The Gentle Art of Hand Quilting'
Today I'll be continuing with some designs for the regular Thursday night class.  This was from a couple of weeks ago - a little zippered bag.
We have been doing some needlecraft accessories over the past few weeks and are now starting a Class Bag. Today - decorating the outer pocket.  But first I need to feed my little henny-pens.

We are starting with new opening hours at the clinic soon - 7.30am to 7pm - guess who's doing the early shift? Until our new physiotherapist starts John will be doing some seriously long days. It is a 45 minute commute each way for him too. We will be shutting down in the middle of the day for two hours and doing admin things as well as a bit of meditation I think! When everything is settled we should only be working normal shift times but there is some pain to come! This bank holiday weekend we are decorating the clinic - all hands on deck. Soooo let's hope we make good progress and maybe get the Monday off. Ha! But it will look good.

Good stitching everyone!


  1. Hi Brendie - great to hear from you once again although it sounds like you are crazy busy at work. Pleased you are still finding time to be creative and your oversize socks might just be the thing to use as a Christmas stocking although I do realise it's far too early to be even thinking about all things festive! K x

  2. Never to early to think about Christmas!

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