Monday, 17 July 2017

Playing hooky

There have been a few more late nights at work than I would have liked this week so I decided that I would have a serious rest day yesterday.  Minimum housework, maximum chill. I was reading a blog I like,  (Sue Pinner) and she was talking about unfinished projects.  Just let me hang my head in shame, I have soooo many. One of which is a lovely baby blanket from My Rose Valley.  I have had the yarn for ages and did quite a few squares but it sort of got put on the to-do pile....

Anyhoo, I laid out the things I needed (took about an hour to find the crochet hook)
The idea was that I got everything to a state where I could just pick up and do 15 minutes a day as Sue suggested.

I decided to mark up the little packet of squares I bought a couple of weeks ago just in case I didn't feel like the crochet.
 I particularly love the little pink rose on a cream background.
So now I am ready to start my 15 minutes for the day. It is 11.30am. At 3.30pm I got up off my rather numb bottom to make some Sunday Dinner (we eat that in the evening).   Roast Chicken etc.  I decided to make some cauliflower cheese for the following day, whilst the oven was on.
 Cooked cheese - be still my beating heart (in more ways than one).
We had a little spoonful on our dinner plates too.

And then I sat back down again.  A quick phone call to my friend ("don't tell me who won the Men's Tennis Final" I said, I have it taped for tomorrow - "oh it was great" she said, "Roger Federer won" - heyho.... back to the crochet)

The trouble is I can't do something for just 15 minutes. Once I pick it up I can't put it down until I'm either too stiff to sit or falling asleep.

Upshot is, the time is now 6.30pm on Monday night and I'm crocheted out.
I did take a break today. To do the patchwork squares.  I got a bit peckish halfway through but, since I haven't been shopping I decided to make some drop scones from my trusty Be-Ro cookbook.

 Glistening with butter, just need a cup of builders tea, and back to the patchwork squares.
 All pieced and ready to quilt.  Just a little thing - 14" x 12" but so pretty.
In celebration of Wimbledon I made strawberry and cream cupcakes this week.  I pureed and sieved half a dozen strawberries and mixed it into the cake batter.  I keep a tablespoon back for the buttercream and added some fresh cream to that too.
So, after a weekend of playing hooky I better get some ironing done tonight just to stop me feeling too guilty. It's going to be a long day tomorrow - I think we have patients in from 9am until 9pm. Glad we don't do that every day. 9pm is my bedtime.

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