Thursday, 27 July 2017

A little obsessed

I had lost a bit of my crafting mojo recently and it has come as a surprise that I have been spending every spare moment doing this little blanket from Annette at My Rose Valley.
I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  Ostensibly it's a pram blanket but there are no recipients on the horizon. It's taken so long to do (not to say quite expensive to buy) that I'm not sure I want it to get the inevitable wear and tear of children's bedding.  However, this is where I am now.

I tried two different colours for the joining but thought it would be better to go with the ecru so my mistakes were less evident!

The thirty squares are together.
I thought this little braided join looked rather more delicate than joining the squares directly together, although if you look too closely there are heaps of bodges to get the squares to match.  I've done a treble crochet edge to straighten things up and am ready for the border.  Again I'm going to stray from the original and will be choosing from this book,

maybe these borders, but I'm a bit nervous about this because I only have a finite amount of yarn.  But then, what's the worst that could happen? I would just have to unpick if I ran out I suppose.

On the patchwork front there is another block waiting for the quilt as you go.
This is called 'Folded Corners' - sometimes I can see it straight away and sometimes I have to look a bit harder.

I've been researching a few different blocks to do for this just to stop us all from doing the 'usual' things.  I am attracted to the windmill variations I've found.  I've got so many projects rolling round in my head, but at the moment I'm not feeling the love. I really, really must take stock of what needs finishing off. And tidy my stuff, oh Lordy, I must tidy my stuff.  I think when I'm better ordered I will feel like taking up my needle again. Having a bad back for a few weeks took the energy out of me.  I'm pleased to say that I'm feeling much better now although still have a slight problem in the neck region which is affecting the strength in my right arm. It's a bit like having a rubber band at the elbow joint, a very strange sensation.

On the baking front we had a slightly lighter cheesecake this week, made with ricotta instead of mascarpone. It was pleasant but a bit fragile in comparison.

John Steph and the boys are on their way back from Portugal today. I've missed them, especially last weekend when Will was away too. Very quiet!  He's off to Southampton tomorrow with Alex to visit her father who has recently returned from two years in the Caribbean on a yacht.  They gave up/put on hold their jobs, sold their house, flew over to Florida and bought the boat.  The two children were 'home -schooled' - what a classroom, what an adventure!  Makes me feel very staid.

So back to my mess filled life. This weekend I'll really do some tidying.......maybe.......

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