Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Let meatloaf night begin!

My camera went missing over the weekend - I took some pictures of the blueberry melting moments I made last Thursday and put my camera down. Actually I put it down on top of one of my storage baskets and put that away. It just came to light yesterday. So now I have some photos to show!
It was so hot I had to store them in the fridge because the icing kept melting. I'm having a bit of a thing about sideways pictures at the moment.
Golden crispy palmiers
Crochet flowers which I am making into a garland. These are some more:
I am addicted.

Talking about addictions:
Playing peepo with Mama - Daddy's strong arms make the impossible possible! He's into 'appearing' from behind things at the moment, apart from when he's watching Thomas the Tank Engine.
All curled up in my nest - he fits better than I do!

This week is sandwiched between two busy weekends. Last Saturday I spent the day in Buckingham - more to follow later and this weekend Hilary is hosting a Quilts for Comfort Day at High Street Quilting. I'll post more details tomorrow night - this is going to be a super day - all are welcome to share in making a quilt for a fabulous cause.

So for now I am going to put some peas on to cook to go with the turkey meatloaf which has just come out of the oven and is tempting me beyond measure - tender juicy turkey mince flavoured with chilli, sweet luscious tomato and lots of black pepper all wrapped up in crispy serrano ham. 

Let Meatloaf Night begin!

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