Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Update of Quilting Bee - finished quilt!

The finished quilt - I'm delighted with the way it's turned out - masculine, geometric, urban....

If you want to see more pics of the making hop over to Friday's Child.
I decided to machine quilt it for speed and also because the fleece and wadding are quite hard on the finger joints!
A turquoise wadding compliments the colours in the main fabric.  It is very cosy. The quilting is simple to echo the shapes of the blocks and it is bound with the main fabric. (Only just enough - there are a couple of little squares left!)  It has been washed and I will give it a final steam before taking it up to High Street Quilting to stay for a few days and then to The Crafts House, hopefully this weekend. 

A big thank you again to everyone xxxxxxxx


  1. A beautiful quilt for a very good cause.
    Well done Brendie and all who helped.

  2. Thanks Bernice it was good fun to share a project.

  3. Really love this quilt,looks fab... i met Karen one of the ladies who helped sew, she came to the shop today for QFC volunteer day..very nice lady.

  4. Hi Brendie - this looks incredible - you've worked oodles of magic and done a fantastic job with the fleece backing and quilting and in the space of a week or so too! Hilary will love to see the finished quilt and I know Sandra and Lucie will love it too. Thanks also for the shout out for my little blog!
    See you soon. Karen B