Sunday, 11 January 2015


We had a quiet time for the first week back at the quilt class last Thursday. Let's hope the nasty winter bugs are being beaten back by our lovely antibodies and we're back up to full strength next week - get well soon Karen!  It was lovely to introduce a new Mystery Quilt to the class.  This is Tulip - the first part (well nearly Tulip - I ran out of thread). 
We just had a fairly plain cake with our coffee this week so that I didn't tempt anyone away from possible New Year Resolutions. As usual I forgot to take a picture.

I am a little bereft at the moment, now I have finished my crochet-along project. But not being one to sit with idle hands I have started a new little blankie for the baby. It's cream cotton and is incredibly soft and drapey. It's only little - enough for a pram blanket - because I am not the world's quickest or most accurate knitter.  
We are currently without garage.  Will and his friends demolished the old, rather fragile, garage today and the ground is being prepared for the new model which will be much more secure.  I'll keep you up to date with building progress.

Isn't it nice just to get a cushion and lie down for a little nap when you feel like it. Ahh.
Can you see his little dog getting a cuddle too?

I spent three hours sitting in my car last Friday morning after the motorway was shut.  I tuned in to the local radio to find out what had happened.  A lorry had shed its load - no I misheard - a lorry carrying a shed had shed its load. It looked like a mobile home type of shed.  It had blown off the lorry on the Northbound lane and bounced into the Southbound Lane. I don't think it caused any injury although were some skidmarks on the south bound side. The article isn't that accurate.  It must have just happened when I pulled on to the motorway at 7.25am and I didn't get going again until gone 10.30am. All I will say is I'm pleased I went before I left.

I've spent a lot of time indoors this weekend, the weather has been pretty nasty.  But there are little compensations.  A little knitting and sewing, some nice things to eat. I had an incredibly fresh poached egg  for breakfast yesterday
with thickly buttered toast and a cup of steaming hot coffee,
and a luscious lunch today - avocado and bacon on a little square pitta (Warburton's Thins) and a lovely smoothie, spinach, kale, tomato and pear.  The pear was so sweet and ripe it was the dominant flavour. Yum. 

There's been some nasty things happening this week which I find deeply disturbing - all I will say is "Je suis Charlie"  and that I am grateful to all those incredible people who stand up and speak for freedom.

Keep safe.


  1. Hi Brendie - sorry I missed TWO quilting gatherings and your cakes. I just can NOT shake this flu bug and it's got me demented. I am just about dragging myself into work and back and Ian has it too so we're both fed up! Hilary told me you've started a mystery quilt - I will have to catch up! Enjoying reading your blog post between the coughs! See you soon. K x

  2. Your cotton blanket is going to be gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished!