Sunday, 10 May 2015

Three burns and you're out!

I've been a busy busy little bee this weekend and what do I have to show for it? Not much I'm afraid.  The busy little bee was doing the sort of housework I try to avoid (on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor cleaning the bottoms of the cupboards and skirting boards and that sort of thing).  The advantage of being short sighted is that I can't see the cobwebs, grubby marks and dust.  I got new glasses this week and was wearing them round the house to get used to them -  OMG.

I knitted a bit yesterday evening and painted today.  The baby cardigan is coming on well although I have to say I'm never happy with the sewing together bit. There must be a neater way.
I haven't painted for ages and had a lovely time this afternoon sitting with the Spanish Grand Prix for company doing a little heart for a friend at work (well for her niece).

It starts with a piece of MDF
I undercoat with Light Buttermilk and choose the palette (Janet's niece is called Skye so she wanted blue.
 A gentle sand and a buff with some brown paper

The basecoat of colours (I always think it looks really rough at this point until I straighten up all the lines and decorate the edges.

Cue John, Ben and Steph,  so the paints were put out of the way of little fingers and we went to see the chickens and pick some dandelion leaves for Flossie.
The final piece, decorated with dots, lines and little daisies.  (Janet's words not mine!) All done after they went home and while I finished cooking our Sunday meal.  I turned the oven up for the Yorkshire Puddings and put the on the pan of potatoes to parboil.

BURN 1 - THE TEA TOWEL  (Oops left it too close to the gas)

BURN 2 - THE FINGER (Getting the hot pan out of the oven - I have a little Aloe Vera plant on the kitchen window sill - works a treat).

BURN 3 - THE BROCCOLI PAN - while I was decorating the heart I forgot the pan. That is not going to recover as quickly as my finger.

I think this is the time to sit back and watch the last bit of Inspector Montalbano which I recorded last night.  It finishes after my bed time and, since it is in Italian with subtitles I have to watch it.

Another weekend has passed in the blink of an eye. I'll have to draw out the pattern for Thursday's class tomorrow after work.  I missed doing my quilting this weekend but the house is sparkling. Well, relatively speaking, and I can always take my glasses off.

Until next week xxxx


  1. Your wooden heart is gorgeous I love the fact that it looks so different when it's finished, I wish I could paint like that x can I ask out of interest what type of pen you use for the writing? Thank you x

  2. Hi Tracy. Thank you for your lovely comment. I use a Pigma Micron pen to write on the wooden plaques. If you click on the crafts house link on the right hand side you can see where I learnt to paint. If you are close enough to go I would highly recommend a visit. Love Brendie xx