Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hexagons v all night football

There were two things I knew I wanted to do this weekend. The all night football for Sport Relief - we raised over £1,000! Yippee!

The other thing on my to-do list was to see if I can make a much bigger hexagon bag. The ladies of Willunga Quilters asked if the bag featured in my tutorial could be made much bigger with more hexagons. I think ladies, the answer will be yes.  Of course the quickest way to make it bigger is to use bigger hexagons but this would start to look out of proportion after a while. So this morning I set to designing a bag with more hexagons.
The original design had 16 hexagons - this new one will have 34. There are 10 along the middle then rows of 5,4 and 3. I'll test it out first to see what size it will be but this will work. The handles will go on the outside hexagons of the top three. I'll post the results when I've done mine but it will have to wait until next weekend because it's now Sunday evening and I still have normal weekend chores to finish.

The all night football took a huge chunk of time out of my weekend - no Friday night to chill and I didn't get to bed until nearly 11am on Saturday morning - 29 hours after I got up on Friday morning. I slept until about 4.30 but was useless for the rest of the day - everything ached - so I gave up and went back to bed by 8.30pm. There's no getting away from it this chicken is more winter than spring.

Sadly I didn't get much crocheting done overnight in the quiet room (partly because there weren't enough staff and I kept having to swap rooms from the quiet room to the common room and the Sports Hall depending on the numbers of pupils in the group). I think I did half a line and read a couple of pages of the book I took (White Nights by Anne Cleeves).  
The rest of the time was making sure that the kids were safe and sound (Year 9 girls and Y10 and Y11 boys - you get my drift?)

I got some lovely buttons last week and sewed some on to my little thread catcher. I love it

I did a bit of quilting this morning whilst watching the first Grand Prix of the season - recorded as, funnily enough,  I didn't want to get up at 4am!
What came from the kitchen this week?  Well I made a frittata this afternoon because we have rather a lot of eggs. Will likes to take slices for his breakfast. He feeds the animals first and then has breakfast. He doesn't like eating for half an hour or so after he's got up, so usually takes fruit or sa sandwich. Normally he sorts something for himself but he really appreciates it if there is something already made.

For St Patrick's Day I thought I'd make some Irish Cream and Chocolate Cupcakes, although the Irish Cream flavour was very subtle.  I didn't want the quilting ladies to be breathalysed.
This afternoon I had a lovely cuppa with a hot cross bun and it got me to thinking if I could make hot cross bun flavour cupcakes.... it would make a change from little nests with sugar eggs or easter biscuits.
Well - all the washing is done but I'm not going to iron - what a rebel. I'll just put the board up and iron as I go. I'm not that house-proud. As long as the kitchen and the bathroom are clean I can live with the rest.

Easter next weekend will bring a much appreciated rest and apart from Sunday when everyone will be over for lunch I should get some serious quilting time in.

Until next time.


  1. Can't believe I missed Irish cream cupcakes. Not getting much sewing done with mam still being unwell. I too am looking forward to the Easter break. Have a good week. K x

  2. Have you made the bigger bag yet please? It will sew together like the smaller one though won't it? x