Monday, 23 May 2016

More hexagon work - more everything

Sorry about the gap in blogging - normal excuse - time runs out. I know I ought to organise my time better but the truth is I do most of my stitching at the weekend and always think that the blog post will be more interesting by the end of Sunday. Really the best time to sit quietly at my laptop is on a Sunday morning.  So here is q quick tour of what I have been up to:

Working on the hexagon bag (it looks very wrinkly at the moment).

Lined with green fabric and ready to stitch up - I think I might put some flowers on the front.

Looking after babies whilst their sleep deprived parents have a night in silence
Max has had a bad chest for a couple of weeks and it wakes him up at night. As always in these cases he didn't wake up once when he was staying here. Why do kids do that?

Baking cheesecake for a wedding Will and Alex went to and making cupcakes with some of the cheesecake mix.
 A happy coincidence of timing.
Eating the freshest egg - poached on toast, speckled with enough fresh ground black pepper to make your eyes water and  served with a strong brew of coffee
Ben came for two nights and we went into town to visit a toy shop that made Ben's eyes pop out.
 Eating Percy Pig biscuits in Marks and Spencer's
Visiting Sandra to paint and drop off a couple of quilts - gosh it was good to see her and have a lovely gentle chat about life
 To Beamish Museum on Sunday where we met up with Uncle Matt aged 7 - it was so hot.

They were shattered (I slept rather well myself that night!)

I rescued a bat (with the permission of the RSPCA)
Bound the edges of  the 'Americana' quilt (to go to Quilts for Comfort)
Finished a cardigan with eight inches of yarn to spare
 Made some circles for a new quilt I'm doing

Little padded 'buttons' on a chequerboard background - three lines done five more to do.
Made some more cheesecake by special request - this time a quick version - mascarpone cheese whipped up with raspberry jelly and some lemon juice. I poured a little bit of jelly over the top to make a glaze. It was more like mousse than cheesecake but edible of course!

So next weekend is a bank holiday - I have a list of things to do - none of them housework - I'm such a slattern!

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  1. Blimey! No wonder you haven't had to worry about a new post! How busy have you been? The boys are gorgeous. I can imagine you can't wait to spend time with them. That cheesecake looks delicious too. Half term next week - hopefully you will find 5 minutes to sit down an relax. xx