Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Little Flossie in trouble again

What a weekend! Little Flossie Rabbit - the one we acquired because Steph is allergic to her, (they got her for Ben); the one who was stolen from her hutch and was found four days later by someone who got in touch with us via Facebook - that Flossie - do you remember?  When Will cleans out their hutch we put them in a little run in the garden.  A cat appeared in the garden and Flossie went wild, careering about the run.  To cut a long story short she managed to trap her foot and was so desperate to get free she broke her leg.  She broke her leg so badly that she needed to have it amputated. On Saturday night we had to transfer her to the overnight emergency vet after her operation so they could look after her. She had a canula in her left ear which was bandaged in red.
Will, my big tough first-born was absolutely devastated, I have to admit I was as upset about him being so upset. She came home on Monday (yesterday) and we have been feeding her with what is essentially liquid hay and medicine to make her guts work.  Apparently rabbit tummies shut down very quickly. She's not out of the woods but things are looking better. This afternoon she was well enough to give me the stink-eye when I gave her some medicine.  Getting back to normal then.

I'm supposed to be spring cleaning but can't get on because Flossie's hutch is in the middle of the living room. Now I'm stressed out thinking I'll not get things I had planned for the week done and will be back to work with a house that could quite easily be called a skip.  A bit of crochet is in order I think. Then some pattern writing for a workshop on Saturday.

Deep breaths.

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