Sunday, 19 March 2017

Things are stacking up

In more ways than one.  Some good, some frustrating.
I've been on my hands and knees this afternoon cutting strips to make a 12" cushion project for our Junior Youth Club at school.
It's a little Easter project which will fill in a gap as we change Youth Workers from the County Council (their funding has run out) and to direct employed workers.  We are funded this year by the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner and the local councillor's fund. We're looking round for next year because things like this are never self sustaining.  I have to say it is not my favourite way of spending a Monday evening. I chose my career path because I like working in finance, the school bit came when I took a job with the same holidays as the children. I like being involved with the children but I could never be a full time teacher. No sir!

For New Year every quilter seems to make the resolution that they will finish things they started. I seem to have done the opposite this year, buying fabric and planning quilts I can never hope to finish in a year. I have three quilts sandwiched but only part quilted and what did I do yesterday?  I bought some fabric for a fourth! That doesn't count stuff that I have put in the cupboard and forgotten about. Bad Girl.

I finished the larger version of the mat I made a couple of weeks ago.  This one has a slightly larger margin around the edge of the linen.

I like them both and can't decide which is the better design.
They are going to be a workshop at High Street Quilting when Hilary and I decide on a date, sometime in the next couple of months I think.

I'm just watching Kate Humble on the telly 'Back to the Land'. There is a lady on that has a 'flower' farm. She sells edible flowers to restaurants and weddings. What a job! I love to see how all the people are bucking the trend of the countryside and taking a risk. Good luck to them.

I've just had a cup of tea with the last of the choice cupcakes I made this week.  Sugar rush.....
I've done the chores, Will is out on the bike, making the most of the sunshine. John, Steph, Matty (her little brother), Ben and Max are enjoying the fifth of their ten days in Lanzarote.  I've planted a Minarette Apple tree (variety - Discovery) and there's a joint of pork slow roasting in the oven for pulled pork tonight. No doubt Will has worked up an appetite. The fridge is stocked for the week so now I'm going to settle back for a little embroidery before the light goes - I think the clocks go forward next week so I'll be back to dark mornings for a little while but will appreciate the light nights stretching ahead.
I am nearly on to the last edge of embroidery so this will be finished soon. A bit sad really because I really love sewing these and you can only have so many mats and table runners.

I've a massively busy week ahead of me at work so this hiatus at the weekends is pure joy, especially when I think of next weekend and the start of the F1 season. Yay, stitching and fast cars - who'd have thought?


  1. Oh Brendie, those mats and table runner are beautiful. The detail of your work is always delightful. I really don't know how you manage to use your time so well. x

  2. It's one of the indulgences you enjoy when your family is grown up. That and my house is a general disaster area.