Saturday, 4 February 2012

Quiet Mornings

This is my favourite time of the weekend. I've just spent the last hour quietly marking my pieces for the flying geese block. My babies are upstairs snug in their beds. (I know they aren't exactly babies at 24 and 26 but there's something incredibly deep and moving for a mother knowing her children are safe and peaceful). Anyhow....

When the light gets better I will take a sharper picture.

I am happily anticipating the couple of hours that Alison and I will spend at Sandra's painting and chatting. This afternoon I will snuggle down and sew my patchwork whilst watching the Six Nations. In between times I'll be loading up the washing machine and my favourite of all appliances, the tumble drier. There'll be people coming and going, washing cars, out cycling, playing rugby and I'll still be curled up toasty warm.  For now it's just me and the sound of silence. I love Saturdays.

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