Saturday, 18 February 2012

A scarfy sort of week.

Well half term has come and gone. I only worked on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I had some time to sew, knit and paint. Unfortunately I pulled the ligaments in my thumb opening a door at a strange angle and have spent the week strapped up. You learn to appreciate how useful things like opposing thumbs actually are! Never one to give up I discovered that I could crochet because the movement is more in the wrist. Hence the Solomon's knot. 

Yesterday I discovered I could knit and the scarf (one ball of Rowan Drift) was knit up on #12 needles in a few hours.

I still can't wield a needle to quilt but am going painting this morning to make backgrounds for my journal.  These are the samples I did in our class last Monday and I'm so excited to carry on with the journal itself.  I love doing backgrounds because you are never quite sure where they will lead.

I tried using the ink sprays again and just confirmed that this is technique I REALLY do not enjoy.  So the tag near the top is probably the last spray ink I will do.  I particularly loved the tissue paper and mulberry paper (second from right).  My fingers were covered in glue and the purple mulberry paper kept sticking to them.  Suddenly it looked like a tree in an enchanted forest.

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