Sunday, 2 September 2012

More beehives

I'm having a bit of a beehive interlude.  I don't know why they seem so comforting and homey but I love to include them in my work.  Bees are such lovely creatures too.  They only live about sixty days on average but what a lot of work they do in their little lives!  The latest beehive is a tag to put on the key-ring for the back door to stop certain sons putting the key in their pocket and forgetting to hang them back up. (Are your ears burning John?)

Why make one when you can make two?  I didn't think it out too well though because I couldn't find a key ring to fit the hole so I had to put a little extender on it.

I've been working on the Cosy Autumn Swap so I can't post too many pictures this week.  I have, however, been prepping a little book which will be my weight loss journal.  

I've just painted a background colour on the pages - a double spread for each week.  I've struggled with my weight for ages and I'm so sick of feeling naff that I am doubly determined to succeed.  John found an offer on Groupon for the Biggest Loser Club and tomorrow is my first day.  Each week I'll complete my journal page.  The challenge is for eight weeks but I know that there is a lot longer to go.  I'm hoping my journal will help me to succeed where I have failed before.  Cooking is such a huge part of my life and I know it won't be easy.

We collected two hens last week.  Some marauding hens got in to my garden a little while ago and we lost two hens over the past month or so.  It may have been co-incidence and I know that animals do just turn their toes up without reason.  I lived on a farm long enough to understand that, but it's still very sad.  The new ladies are a White Leghorn and a Columbine.  They are a bit flighty at the moment so I'll post some pictures when they have settled in.

I have just finished reading 'Out of Time" by Deborah Truscott - a gentle story.  I need to search for something that doesn't make me cry this time (not giving away whether they were sad, happy or wistful tears though).  I like a gentle story as I read for about half an hour before I go to sleep.  

Well I'm going to check I have everything ready for work tomorrow before I settle down to a bit of knitting.  I got my warm jumpers out last week but it looks like I'll have to put them away again.  Hey ho!


  1. I love those beehives! I know what you mean, they are such cosy little things, and these are so cute too.
    BH x

  2. Hi Brendie - I love the beehives too - might have to make some beehive button embellishments for a quilted project (after all, we are quilting bees!!!)
    Had a wonderful trip last weekend with Lesley and her daughter, Lauren to a quilt and needlework show in Harrogate. Lots to show and tell when I am next at The Crafts House, especially a book I bought of pumpkin design quilts..... (are you swooning yet!)
    Karen x