Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Flight of the Bumble Bee

I've been busy today finishing off the batch of bees ready to go into the Beehive pattern.  They look like a squadron ready for action!

It was all quiet in the house this morning.  Will was off on a bike ride before going to a BBQ/F1 session at one of his friends.  

John is nursing a bad back and has been applying ice packs since last Thursday night.  I suppose he works in the right place to have a bad back (Shield Clinic in Gosforth) but since his work is very physical a lot of the time, he needs to keep fit and well.  Luckily he works his hours over four days so he has had three days to recover.

Steph (38 weeks) had a restful morning after a midnight 'practice' run to the RVI in Newcastle.  She had better not have this baby on a match day otherwise we will have to plough a few football fans down to get to the Maternity Unit.  This is her with her 38 week bun and a freshly baked bun balancing on top.  There were lots more but you know what they say about hot cakes. I, of course, did not indulge....

....I have had a good first week on the diet (I always do) and my journal now has a complete first page.  I spent more time than I should doing the page for week two but I really enjoyed myself.  I have decided to have a road travelling across each page - hopefully most of the footprints will all face the right way.  There will be times when things don't go according to plan but, after all, it's not the mistakes you make, but the lessons you learn from them that counts.  Each night when I come in from work I just put a little thought in the journal - sometimes there is little activity in the brain, so not every night has a comment.

Work was a roller-coaster this week, as expected.  Network down and up, phones on and off, electric cables over heating and a whole new year group trying to find their way round a strange school.  I decided to go with the flow instead of trying to brace myself against the twists and turns.  This seemed to work for me.  That and the haircut on Friday night - it comes with a head massage which is guaranteed to soothe the raggiest nerves.


  1. Your bees look fab. Great art journal page. Good luck Steph. X

  2. Hi Brendie, What a lovely surprise I had today!! Your gorgeous goodies, they are all so perfect-just me!! Dont worry about only just posting them to me. To be honest I was really worried that something had happened to you or to the baby and I am so relieved and happy everything is okay.In fact it was such a lovely surprise and couldnt have come at a better time. My son emigrates with his family in two weeks and I am feeling so down so this has given me a lift. Thanks again for the lovely gifts, I am thrilled with them all. I am going to plant the pumpkins up straight away and hope for a bumper crop!! Love, Anne