Sunday, 2 June 2013

Where was I?

I've been off the radar for a while.  Got really busy at work and  then out of the habit of sitting quietly on a Sunday afternoon to blog.  So now I'm getting back in the habit and will be blogging with my usual weekly chatter.

Lots has happened of course - Baby Ben has been born:

But now he looks like this:

He's a jolly baby and as cute as a button.  Notice the large amounts of toys and the one he is actually playing with!

I've been on holiday from work this week - off work and on my own has been a rare thing over the past year.  I had an enormous to-do list which is only slightly smaller but I am totally chilled now.  I've pieced a quilt for a friend but won't post a picture until I've given it to her.

For a long time I have wanted to make a strippy quilt.  I love hand-quilting and it's a long time since I made a traditional quilt rather than a patchwork quilt.  I'm busy marking it up today. 

First of all I vacuumed thoroughly.  The quilt is a shabby-chic floral and ivory strippy quilt and my floor is always fluffy!

I always tape a strip of white paper to the table so that I can see the designs through the fabric. 

Gathering together the designs
I chose a Weardale Chain because you can put small designs in the centre. I'm also using a four strand cable for the floral strips because it is more effective to have a crisp design.  Too much detail becomes lost.

I am using a traditional Durham Rose for the spaces in the Weardale Chain but I'm interspersing these with designs which are personal to me:
  • A strawberry and beehive (who would have guessed?);
  • A robot (Will, my oldest son, built lots of robots when he was younger and we travelled the country for competitions);
  • A rugby ball for John (I spent many cold but happy hours on the touchline, and many hours in casualty too....);
  • A butterfly for beautiful Steph;
  • A bunny for Ben, but it should probably be a jack-in-the-box;
  • A swan for my oldest friend Karin (it was her maiden name);
  • A diamond for my lovely friend Alison, aka Mavis.

Last time I made a Durham Quilt it took me nearly ten years.  Hopefully this one will be quicker.  I'll keep you posted.

When I get myself more organised I will be posting blocks for my new quilt -

Picture the Year

It's about 34" square and intended to be a wall quilt but I will be making some individual blocks which can be made into little cushions or bags.

I better get on then.


  1. Welcome back Brendie! Your little one isnt such a baby anymore is he? Cutie pie though and they all prefer the empty box to the toys.
    Your wall quilt is lovely. We are up to our eyes clearing rooms for decorating next week when we are off work for a week.

  2. Hi Brendie, what a lovely post. 'Baby Ben' is adorable, and looks like very good company too! Always good to have a little chap to play with :-) my little man prefers the pots and pans rather than the rooms full of toys that we have!
    The quilt is amazing and your work is beautiful, as always. I think my favourite patch is the pumpkins.
    Hope you are well, all my love,
    Bernice x

  3. Hello Brendie! Hope you are well and enjoying life with baby Ben (what a cutie!) and your quilting. I love that Ben is surrounded by toys and prefers the box!
    Love the concept for your Weardale Chain quilt - and I totally agree that Alison (Mavis) is a diamond! Hi Alison - hope you and your family are well. Hi to Steph too. Last time we were all together , Ben was just a bump!
    Hopefully I will catch up with you soon at The Crafts House over coffee and biscuits! Karen xx

  4. OH, I love your month by month quilt!! Fun, fun, fun!!