Sunday, 22 September 2013

Harvest Home

In his new garden John has a bramble - cultivated I think, because it hasn't got any thorns.  I noticed the fruits were ripe last week so I took the liberty of getting a bramley apple.Text conversation:

Me: Juicy Bramley seeks ripe blackberries for friendship leading to crumble and custard.

John: I was picking some today actually.

Me: Are they good?

John: As sharp as my wit.

The result of this blessed union?

 He must have eaten quite a few during the picking session.....

Actually there was no custard so we had ice-cream instead.  The blackberries were not, I have to say,  as fragrant as wild berries, but it was good nonetheless.

Hillary (High Street Quilting) had given me some pink and purple fabric strips to make an alternative coloured star quilt.  

I added some of my own because you really need a big selection of different prints and spent the week-night evenings cutting up squares and half square triangles.

All ready to go by Saturday night.  I was at the machine at 7am on Sunday morning and barely lifted by head until nearly 5pm.  Just put on loads of washing at various intervals, stuck some duck legs in the oven to confit.  A baked potato and some salad completed the Sunday meal.  No effort at all.  Here is the (nearly) finished result.  It needs an inner and outer border yet but I've left that for Hillary to choose.
That was why I didn't post last week.  By the time I had got the ironing done I was whacked.  Work was ultra busy last week too.  I don't think I was home before eight every night except Friday.  On Wednesday it was well gone nine. I'm up at six every morning and out of the house just after seven - it makes for long days.  I think I had worked my contracted hours before the end of Wednesday.  Not so bad if you're a Spring Chicken full of energy, but I'm more of a late Autumn Boiler myself.

I had an early morning visit on Wednesday because John had left the gas meter key at work and they had no hot water.  He is going to monitor the costs and may keep the meter rather than have it changed to a direct debit. (Oh those days of yore when you had to add up the cost of the shopping as you went round the supermarket so you had enough money when you came to pay - there are some compensations for age after all).  They all arrived in their PJs except Ben, who was wrapped up warm.

Don't you wish you could bottle them?  He's one in a couple of weeks.

This weekend I am recharging my batteries.  A lovely morning on the Hill continued with an afternoon, leading into the evening finishing my pumpkins and sunflowers ready for garlands.

Base-coated and ready for the next stage
Building the layers of colour and design
And the sunflowers are ready to join the pumpkins

Tonight I will start crocheting the leaves and 'string' with some green Rowan Cotton Glace.

I'll be ironing in front of the Singapore Grand Prix this afternoon and then settling down to make a fabric pumpkin garland which may become a workshop.  The fabrics are ready but the design is still in my head.
A quiet day should allow that design to become reality - that's what I'm hoping for anyway.  Sadly there's still a bit of housework to do before I can get down to the joy of creating.

Oh - the Harvest Home (apart from the bacon!):
Broth - the ultimate comfort food.  Have a good week everyone.


  1. Hi Brendie, seems as if lots of us have been making fruit crumbles today!
    Loving your autumn makes and the photos of the little one.What a cutie!

  2. Hi Brendie, I have a lovely recipe for Bramble jelly. I'll try and get it written up on the blog this week. Your crumble looks delicious.
    Ben is a gorgeous little chap. If you should find a recipe for 'bottled Ben' do pass it on ;-)
    Best wishes
    B x

  3. Hi Brendie - great post - lots of things to read about and pics to sigh over - Love Ben's little hat with the ear flaps - he looks snug and warm! Nice to see your autumnal garlands progressing too - the pumkin and sunflower shapes are great! Off work today so paid a visit to High Street Quilting to see where I would be taking your class. Hilary gave me the supplies list and I got two fat quarters for my first block! There was some pumpkin printed fabric in the shop window - I think I may have to fight you for it!! See you next Thursday - really looking forward to quilting again. Karen x