Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mostly doing, not much done

Saturday dawned - I'd like to say bright and sunny but Friday's rain was still falling heavy and dark.  The wind had gone down though! Small mercies.  Alison and I went to our lovely painting session on the Hill.  I'm making an album for Ben's first birthday on 1st October so I spent a happy couple of hours gluing and painting.  Sandra's patient advice was very welcome too for a big decision in my life.  We left later than normal and I popped home to get some flyers for a quilting class we are starting at High Street Quilting - Mavis and Gladys are back! 

The class starts on Thursday 3rd October and will run fortnightly.  The lovely owner, Hillary, asked for a beginner's class so we are re-running the quillow we did on the Hill last year but will have other projects alongside for anyone who has done this but still wants to take part.  We've got some lovely Christmas things planned.

There is a charity shop just near the quilt shop and, for the bargain price of £6 I bought a little cabinet which I am going to shabby chic for my bedroom.  It's circa 1950 I think but not too valuable so I don't think a coat of paint is going to ruin an heirloom.  

Someone has very kindly removed the original handle and replaced it with a little china job with a rose.  It looks totally out of place on the cabinet  but is perfect for the shabby chic makeover.  This will get a rub down during the week and painted next weekend.

So what can I say is the 'done'? The Square in a Square is bound and ready to deliver - well almost.  I will be taking it to school to get the girls to sign their names on the label.  The instructions for this quilt are on the tab at the top - I have added the instructions for the binding at the bottom of the page.

Actually, come to think of it another 'done':

Strawberry ice cream.  I didn't completely puree the strawberries so there are little nuggets of sharp fruit (proper English Strawberry sharp).  This has been in the freezer since this morning so should be deelish by now.

I got up bright and early this morning to finish the quilt but left the binding to slip stitch whilst I watched the Italian Grand Prix.  I had breakfast, put some pork into the oven to slow cook for pulled pork and then did another (version ninety seven) of the five year budget for school.

When the budget was safely emailed off I made the ice cream and prepped the vegetables and yorkshire pudding batter.  I quite often get to mid afternoon and can't be bothered to cook so I reckon if everything is prepped I have no excuse.

Plenty of mash and cabbage to make bubble and squeak tomorrow.  I curled up on the sofa with the quilt - started binding at lights out (the start of the race) and had it finished by the time they had finished the trophy ceremony.

The ironing came next - another leaning tower of Pisa.  Steph and Ben called in three quarters of the way through but Ben was a bit snuffly and listless.  I don't usually catch colds but I definitely caught the listlessness. I am now completely without list.

I fed the hens and cooked the yorkshire puds

and nearly burnt the potatoes - just caught them in time.

Pulled Pork (slow cooked on a bed of vegetables until it can be pulled apart with two forks served with a gravy made from the juices), creamy mash, savoy cabbage and yorkshire pudding...mmmmm

My friend rang and we gassed for nearly two hours so the pumpkins I had laid out to paint 

(thank you Karen B for the inspiration) are still waiting for another coat of lovely Burnt Orange (in the centre).

This is the palette for my pumpkins but you'll have to wait for next week to see these!


  1. WOW! Yorkshire puds of gigantic proportion! How do you do it? Mine are still very much in need of more practice. I envy your talents, wink, wink x

  2. Hi Brendie - thanks for the info about the Quilting class. I would love to attend and get quilting again. Love your yorkie puds - I love to make them too! I use the recipe out of the Bero book but use two eggs instead of one. I chuck all the ingredients into the bowl together then whisk it all up. I'm afraid to say I used lard - yes, lard - in the yorkie tins but they make the puds taste soo good! Pleased I could inspire with the pumpkins - can't wait to see what you make!