Sunday, 17 November 2013

Madly stitching snow people

The Snow Family Christmas stockings are coming on apace.  Three of the stockings are on display at High Street Quilting, advertising a workshop on 7th December. 
The fourth stocking is still in production, although if I drop off to sleep while I'm sewing again I'll never get them finished.  One minute I was sewing, half an hour later I woke up with that sore nose feeling you get when you have been snoring, how attractive I must have looked!  
This particular one is destined for Stitchin Heaven, hopefully arriving before this Saturday.  I'm just putting the finishing touches to the instructions.  I decided to ask David to cut a wood pattern for me.  Then I thought it would be a good idea to protect it with a layer of paint.  Do you think it looks very plain?  Are you getting my drift?  It's just crying out to have the Snow Family painted on it isn't it?

Alison and I spent a happy morning on the Hill where I finished my little reindeer which is Sandra's Shape of the Month.  How cute?
I don't know how Sandra manages to come up with all these cute shapes, month after month but I love them.  Check out the little line of reindeer outside her shop.  

Mavis and Gladys were in action again last Thursday but the class was a little depleted - a couple on holiday and some at the Lumiere in Durham.  It was lovely to be able to give much more individual help to the ladies that were there though.  We still managed to polish off most of the cake.....

Toffee Pecan Cupcakes and Smartie Cookies.  They were supposed to be stem ginger cookies but I couldn't get the lid off the jar of ginger and there were no strong boys to help at the time.

I decided to run a class after school for adults, expecting half a dozen to come but fourteen were there last week.  I'm just running it until Christmas because work is so very busy. It takes a long time to prep everything for classes. I'm so looking forward to a time when stitching is my only work.

A wafting of roast pork has just come from the open kitchen door.  I better go and put the vegetables on.  I made the yorkshire pudding mix this morning so that I could settle down for a good stitch this afternoon.  Lucky I did really, considering the unplanned nap.  

So tonight I'll be finishing the blanket stitching on the stocking whilst watching the Texas Grand Prix, happy in the knowledge that I did all the ironing this morning.  It makes a pleasant change to feel a bit smug on a Sunday night rather than wondering where on earth the weekend went. Have a good week.

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  1. Hi Brendie. Your stockings are really gorgeous. I love the hanging reindeer figure too.