Sunday, 2 February 2014

Whizz-by Weekend

As usual the weekend has flown by.  It has been good though.  Alison and I went painting on 'the hill' and I finished the little flower pot I was making. I decorated most of it at Sandra's:
Normally I would shade each colour with its darker cousin but I decided to do all the petals with Light Avocado.
I don't have that many crochet hooks and they look a little bit lost but I do love the little pot.

Sandra had some lovely new paint colours - oh my, they are so gorgeous!
The second from the left is called Persimmon.  Its Spanish translation is Caqui which means something else in this little corner of England - ie my grandson has done a big persimmon in his nappy. How childish am I- but I couldn't help but laugh!

When I was making the little wall hanging last week I couldn't find my calico  I knew I was getting low so I decided to visit Ikea for some more. Ikea on a Saturday afternoon - what was I thinking? It took me 15 minutes to find a parking spot and I really don't mind walking from a distance. Even those spots were full.  Undeterred I battled through the crowds and got my calico, managing to leave the store with that and only one other thing!
These lovely little tea towels are 55% linen and 45% cotton with a cross stitch rose decoration.  They only cost £4 for the pair and will make lovely little guest towels.  Well, ok, actually Brendie towels because I use them for my face and they go so well with my shabby chic theme.

Will was at Croft with his petrol-head friends so I had a quiet evening at home. Today John, Steph and Ben came over with the ingredients for a Spaghetti Carbonara (one of his specialities).  We scoffed that for lunch then John and I had a mango and banana smoothie for pud.
It was lush and two of my five a day - how bad can that be?  Frozen banana, a £1 really ripe mango, some milk and a little squeeze of honey. I was so full  I decided to make some soup instead of Sunday roast tonight.
So simple but absolutely delicious.

I have uploaded April for those of you who are stitching the 'Picture the Year' quilt - there is a button at the side of the blog which will take you there.

And now, so soon, it's Sunday night - I didn't have the most pleasant week at work but this whizz-by weekend has made up for all that, seeing my lovely friends, painting, spending time with my family, eating lovely food and very soon I will add a little quilting to that list. Oh and I found the other piece of calico this afternoon - strangely enough in the basket where I keep the calico.


  1. Hi Brendie, it was a good catch up yesterday..good for the crafty 'soul' xx
    The smoothie sounded delicious. Have a happy week x

  2. It was very good to catch up - take care lovely friend.

  3. Hi Brendie - laughed at the persimmon joke - and here's me thinking it was (and is) some kind of fruit! Pleased you survived Ikea - I went there mid-week for browse, ended up having tea in the cafe and spending £18 which included a metre of woodgrain print fabric! Looking forward to quilting class on Thursday - just cut out pieces for Card Trick block - now thinking I will make 16 blocks for my quilt as I have 10 already and am quite happy to keep going. Can you show me how to do Tumbling Blocks (pretty please?) K x

  4. Ikea on a Saturday? Well done you. At least you made it out alive. I was very impressed at only one impulse buy - how did you manage that?
    B x

  5. Google Blogger directed me to your blog as a fellow stitcher the North East and I love it! Chester-Le-Street is my first port of call on a sunny Saturday for the market and Boyes!