Sunday, 26 January 2014

Whew! What a scorcher!

Just kidding - it's been a day for all seasons today, rain, snow, wind, bright sunshine.  It's been sunny all weekend in my heart because I've stitched, baked, chatted to my lovely friend from Surrey and had Ben sleeping over:

Checking out the breakfast situation
and road testing the strippy quilt.

Yesterday I had my quiet time at the start of the day. Loving this particular quilt. I've worked out it will take about three hundred hours to finish.  Three hundred hours of peace and contemplation. Perfect.
However, on a more practical front, or should I say behind, I've been doing a fairly common repair on No 1 son's jeans.  All that bouncing about on a tractor wears even the toughest fabric.
The denim is so lovely and soft now. Jeans that old are a pleasure to wear and I"m not surprised he likes them repaired even in this day of throwaway clothes. Puts me in mind of my first pair of Levis - back in 1969.  I could only afford one pair (my Saturday job paid ten shillings or 50p) and they were washed to near destruction.  I was walking along the sea front in Brighton and some random biker offered to buy them from me for more than twice what I'd paid. I didn't succumb though!

Alison and I spent Saturday morning putting the world to rights and stitching this and that.

Which colour to stitch with? Dark Green.
I sat with this project this afternoon whilst Ben was having a nap.  I don't drink a lot of tea but when I fancy a cuppa I don't think you can beat tea for thirst quenching pleasure.

For some reason I can't find my stash of calico (can't see the wood for the trees I think) so I still need to put the back on this but it's nearly done:
I have uploaded the March block of the 'Picture the Year' quilt which this mini quilt is part of.

The little chooks are getting used to their new home but they are coming back in if the temperature drops below freezing.
Tonight I will be mainly ironing - what an exciting life I lead. But for now the internet connection in playing up so I'm going to press the publish button while I still can.  Have a good week everyone.


  1. Hi Brendie, Ben is so adorable. Sleep overs must be such fun!
    I love the mini quilt and hanger. Shame the ironing has to get in the way of your craftiness! x

  2. I can always fit in time to craft, it's the housework I have the problem with!