Sunday, 12 January 2014

Paint, stitch, housework - in that order

Saturday morning was our first sortie on to the Hill this year and we're raring to go.  It's been a few weeks since we painted and what a lovely time we had!  I wanted something pretty to store my crochet hooks in so I chose a little pot that would become a flower.

This is the first coat but will have to wait until next week because I had a huge list to get through today - mostly on account of sitting yesterday afternoon stitching my strippy quilt and watching rugby. It's a hard life. Anyhoo I washed the dishes from the night before (naughty girl) painted until nine, got my shopping list together and scraped the frost off the car. After I dropped off the shopping I went to Dainty Crafts to get some bits and pieces for bag making with my Year 10 class. John, Steph and Ben came round so I put the ironing on hold (no hardship).  Anyway that's all done now and the chicken is roasting away happily and the house is quiet.

Talking about chickens - 
They are looking particularly scruffy at the moment as they start to grow their fluffy feathers but how big are they growing? We have acquired a rabbit hutch for their transition from warm house to chilly garden, via the sun lounge. Could I just say that these are not destined for the table!

The first Mavis and Gladys class of 2014 took place last Thursday and the ladies started on Picture the Year.  If you want to take part the first block is ready to download here.  There is also a bonus pattern if you want to make up the blocks into a Mini-Quilt.  That is the part of the to-do list that I didn't reach today.  There should have been a finished picture of the Mini Quilt but I'm afraid it's still in its component parts.  Next week....

I made some choc chip mint cupcakes for the class but actually I didn't like them very much.  I like After Eight Mints but not Mint Chip Ice Cream or cake. I don't want to make only the ones I like though.  John has suggested sticky toffee cupcakes.  I think I'll make something savoury too for those ladies who don't have a sweet tooth. 

So now I'll serve the dinner and then get into my jammies.  The weekend has gone so quickly, as it does and I haven't got to the bottom of my to-do list again, but hey ho.  

I hope your week is productive and enjoyable, in whichever order pleases you most!

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