Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - The year to say No!

I expect everybody knows what it feels like when someone asks you to do something - your brain says "no" and your mouth says "yes".  This is going to be the year when my mouth follows my brain.  "No" to working late when everyone has gone home.  "No" to working a weekends when I should be with my lovely family or chilling out in my little nest. "No" to the fast food because now I will have enough time to make something with real, delicious ingredients. "No" to sitting down staring into space when I can be creating instead of wishing I was creating.

I expect everyone can think of lots of things to say "no' to - go ahead - give yourself permission.

A little while ago I bought a lampshade to make over a lamp which I've had for years.  The lamp is going to be shabbied up.

Am I going to get the get the paint out and put it away a couple of days later because I couldn't be bothered? "NO!"

Bring it on 2014.


  1. Good luck with your new mantra, I think it will get easier the more you say it xx I can't wait to see the revamped lamp xx

    1. Thank you Tracy - I'm hoping so! I have painted the first coat but it's taking ages to dry!

  2. Go Brendie! Happy New Year and good luck with your "No" mantra! Keep at it with the lampshade - the paint will dry eventually - maybe with a helping hand from the hairdryer? Like your new blog colours too! Looking forward to next quilting lesson. I'm part way through my Flying Geese block! K x