Monday, 30 December 2013

Relaxed enough to knit

I've been trying my very hardest to stay calm and not overdo things this Christmas.  If something doesn't get done or bought, then so what? I didn't get every christmas decoration I possess out this year either.  So what have I learnt from this?

1) Christmas doesn't need to  be a headless chicken act, BUT
2) I will get all my decorations out next year (I didn't get the sherry feeling**)
3) I will prep my vegetables the night before.
4) I will put aside boxing day for doing nothing.

** That sherry feeling.  I only drink sherry at Christmas and it goes straight to my knee joints and ear drums.  I feel wobbly on the feet and everything goes quietly hazy.  The Christmas lights are fuzzier and my face assumes a gormless grin.  I missed that because I didn't have any sherry and, even if I did, there weren't enough decorations to twinkle.
Inflation has hit the Christmas Stocking Market.  When I bought the little chocolate coin bags for my 28 and 26 year old babies they had 'notes' in.   Commonly referred to as square dosh in our family.

The little silkie hens are coming on a treat. The picture below was taken on Christmas day 
 And this one was taken at lunch time today.
They are so beautiful - their little legs are impossibly thin and their little necks are just like miniature pipecleaners but they are growing before our very eyes. I'm not sure how big they will be but I think about the half the size of my laying hens.  The black one was smaller when they arrived but has grown much faster than the little lavender grey one.

So now the house is quiet (apart from Karin and I putting the world to rights and the clack of our knitting needles).  Can you guess what this is going to be?

Yes you're right - it's a bunny.  I'm getting ahead for Easter. (Just kidding I was supposed to have this ready for Christmas).

Ben came to stay on Saturday.  He sleeps with me. Sometimes he lets me have a little corner of the bed.  He is so cuddly in his little sleep-suit that I have to squeeze him all the time.
So now I preparing for next year's classes.  
I will be making the pattern for 'Picture the Year' available to download on the blog with a new 'month' each week so stand by for the first one on 9th January 2014. A paper copy will be available at High Street Quilting each week as well. Each pattern will have the design to trace and the verse to embroider as well as the dimensions of the pieces.  I'll be posting fabric requirements this coming Sunday.

Happy New Year to everyone.


  1. Hi Brendie - great post - one is never too old for chocolate coins (or notes) at Christmas! Mine had euro coins and old style 5p and 10p pieces in them - interesting mix! Little chickens look so cute - and seem to have their very own quilt in the photo too! Hope they are snug and warm indoors! We had a pretty stress free Christmas this year which was nice and I didn't get hung up on the stuff that didn't get done. I just pretended my overflowing laundry basket was an artistic take on a Christmas tree! It was the right shape at least! I can recommend a lazy boxing day - time to kick back and eat the chocolates (or drink sherry!) Have a happy new year - see you in 2014. K x

  2. Sounds like a good christmas to me. Love the description of the sherry!! Those little chicks are gorgeous, lucky thing Brendie, I would love to have some of my own but we dont have any room.