Sunday, 22 December 2013

It's the cheepest Christmas yet

Would you look at this?  My Christmas present from Will arrived a few days early yesterday in all its fluffy glory.
Sorry the picture is a bit blurred - they wouldn't keep still! They are little Silkie Chicks - two weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. They are in a hamster tank at the moment with a special heater and I can hear their heartwarming little 'cheep cheep' as I write.  When they grow up they will be even fluffier. They won't be going out to join the other hens until they are a few weeks older though.  Lucky them - it's horrible outside and although the sun comes out every now and then, the rain and wind are winning at the moment. 

Work was manic up to the end on Friday but I have a week and a bit of peace before I start up again, not the two week break I intended (she says between gritted teeth) as I have to return to work early, but I am going to make the most of my time at home.

Last Saturday I started a little wooden tree at our regular session on 'the hill'.
I covered the wood with some paper I had and then I photocopied a page from a lovely magazine (Father Christmas is getting a subscription for me).
It's called Simply Vintage and it now comes in English but I decided to get the French version still as I like to keep in practice in case my numbers come up and I can afford that little stone cottage in France.  Anyhoo...
The papers are painted over with dark green (Plantation Pine) and then rubbed back.  A few buttons and some 'shabbying'.  I love this - thanks Sandra for another great design.

The vitamin packed smoothies are working their magic and I feel as fit as a fiddle now.

The predominant flavour in this Vitamin C delight was the strawberry, despite the other robust ingredients.

The green version always make me feel good - this little lot was less than 250 calories and packed with good things.

Juicy tomatoes, tangy cheese -  all toasted on a pitta bread. If you haven't tried Food Doctor pitta bread and like seeded things do have a go, they are very tasty.

I painted a last minute gift for a lovely friend at work:

Good old Ikea mirrors and one of my favourite floral patterns - another thank you to Sandra for great ideas.

Most of the shopping is done and my friend and I are off the the hairdresser tomorrow.  The presents are to wrap (Christmas Eve Tradition where possible).  I'm off the put some toad in the hole in the oven for tea and tonight I will be finishing a Cotton Rabbit for someone special.  I might even have a little tot of red wine.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Hi Brendie and the baby chickens! They are soooo cute. I thought they were little hamsters at first glance, speaking of which, my little hammy, Miss Casey, bit me at the vets during her claw trim! The vet had to pop a dressing on my bleeding finger and I ended up getting a tetanus jab at the doctors! 3 inch furball chaos! Hope those adorable chickens love their new home and hope you have a very happy Christmas. See you in 2014 for another creative journey!

  2. I have a bag of hamster muesli that came with the cage if the little 'nipper' would like it.