Monday, 5 May 2014

Coming up for air

I've been on hold for a while because of huge commitments at work.  They haven't changed much but I'm just coming up for air. The air this week arrived on Wednesday:

But I had to wait (not patiently) until Saturday morning until I could start these:
A granny square with a circular centre
Second circle
The last round turns it into a square
 They are totally addictive - I couldn't help myself 
By Sunday night I had to discipline myself to stop this hooky-fest.  I sewed all the ends in and these are the first 21 squares of my 144 square blanket, inspired by Lucy of Attic 24. She is the queen of lush colours.
Other things have been going on, so here is a quick photo tour of the goings-on at Strawberry Patches:
The Silkie chooks are full size now - but which way are they facing!

Ben is at the 'I wish I could pickle them' age: 
More napping
Testing centrifugal force
Wearing porridge
Cooking Special K
Cooking tea (let's hope he's a tidier cook than his Daddy)

just being cute...

Still drinking strange concoctions (me, not Ben):
Spinach and apple
Mango, guava and lime - always worth a rummage in the cheap fruit section for overripe things that would have been really expensive.

Blueberry and pear, bacon toastie and Machu Pichu coffee - I love breakfasts on a Sunday.

Mother's Day:
Me to Steph and....
Steph to me. (The boys do things for their Mammy, dig, cook etc as I don't like them spending their money on the commercialisation of a special day but it's nice to have a someone who does pretty!).
Beautiful linen napkins from the White Company when I went in to Newcastle and, strangely, found myself in their shop.
What better way to show my gorgeous coloured eggs thanks to my hens. (None from the Silkies yet though).

Re-cycling pretty jars:
The lids are covered with tissue paper
Painted with light buttermilk, then a plaid pattern added,
Green hearts painted on top of this,
Some pen work added and some buttons put in.

I have more jars to do!

There has been a bit of a yellow theme in the kitchen:
Mango ice using jars we got from an Indian takeaway.
Creme caramel
Tarte au citron
Omelettes (in case you are worried about the cholesterol these happened over a few weekends - not all on the same day!)

A teenage girl I know found herself in the family way and abandoned by her own family, so the ladies at work are putting together a hamper of things for the baby and some nice stuff for her too. The baby was due last week but no sign yet. These are my contributions
A cardigan made from Sirdar Baby Bamboo - I decided to make the 6-12 months size.
A cot quilt - 'Cute as a Button'.  It was super quick to make and I have just got some turquoise fabrics to make another version with a pattern to follow.

I've been having a lovely time at High Street Quilting teaching, chatting and laughing with the ladies who come to the class. If there's one thing I've discovered about teaching, it's how much I learn.

So that's a round-up of the things that have been keeping me sane.  Today I'll be making some revision materials for the Year 11 exams and then a BBQ for tea. Tomorrow it's back to the maelstrom that is my life at the moment.

Would I change it? Probably not. As Diane Ackerman said: 

"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to live the width of it as well."


  1. Hi, gosh you have been busy!!
    Love the Lucy inspired blanket. I agree they are very addictive.
    Ben is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! My little one is two and a half now, and I sit and watch him, trying to remember all his little quirks. I don't want him to grow up either.
    I love your little button jars. I'll have to give that a go. Do you give them a spray to finish/seal them when they are done? They would make a lovely gift for someone too.
    Keep up with all your beautiful work
    B x

  2. The liquitex gel medium made a good sealing coat but I did use spray sealer too. They were great fun to make.

  3. Hi Brendie, Ben and the silkies! What a brilliant post - loved reading about your recent adventures and especially the recycled jar project. I have a nice large coffee jar just begging for the same treatment so thanks for the tutorial for a future project. Love all your pics - not sure who is the cutest - Ben or the chickens I think young Ben wins the cuteness vote for wearing porridge! Hope your young friend, mum-to-be, likes her gift basket - she's lucky to have some good folks like yourself supporting her. As one of your students, I can testify to how much fun the quilting classes are - I've just completed the last of my 16 different blocks for the sampler quilt so next class I'll be ready to cut sashing strips! Enjoy the rest of the week - see you next Thursday. Karen x

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments Karen. Looking forward to next Thursday.