Sunday, 18 May 2014

How long is a piece of string?

In this case it was about three hours (groan):
This is a 50g hank of linen yarn which came on a skein and wouldn't separate out properly. Yes it took three hours on and off to get it wound into a ball. It is undyed and much softer than the other linen yarns I have - maybe the dye makes it smoother. When it was wound I crocheted another flower ( I do love crocheting flowers).
Some of them are going to be made into a garland - probably not the bright rust coloured one at the moment though, I might save that for something more autumnal.  Steph and I have taken a stall at the school's Summer Fair.  We are busy making lists and samples of bits and pieces we want to make.  I'll have to be super organised - not to get everything ready in time, but to make sure I do the housework! We are going for a fresh theme because it's summer. The fabric, yarn and paint will direct us to what we actually make but we have quite a few ideas.
Some shirtings I got from America (Primitive Gatherings), some ribbon and lavender and buttons from Naturaleigh:
A little bit of hemp rope to go on gift tags,
We (the PTA) decided that each stall at the fair should offer a raffle prize for their chosen charity. We will be opening an ASD unit in September for 9 pupils (ASD = Autistic Spectrum Disorder). I decided to knit a rabbit to raffle to raise funds for extra equipment.  I contacted Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits (her son is autistic) to ask permission to use her pattern. She readily agreed so I have started:
This is the beginning of the head and is knitted with the bamboo yarn that was left over from the little cardigan I knitted recently. By the way the baby was born last week - Ellie Rose - 9lbs 11oz. Wow I bet that stung! Mother and baby doing well.

We have had a few eggs from the Silkie hens this week but weren't sure which one was laying.  Today one was laid in the hen house and one in the pen. Hens can lay more than one egg per day but it is very unusual and often suggests a bit of a log jam rather than a prolific layer. Since the ladies are fit and well I am hopeful that they are both girls.
Will cooked some for our breakfast this morning - they are lush! Three little silkie eggs and one from the Cream Legbar. Free range eggs are much heavier than commercially produced eggs and they are very filling.

I had a lovely lunch today too:
Papaya and medjool dates all wooshed up in the liquidiser. I also added some of this:
Normally this is quite expensive but I picked this packet up at Aldi for £1.99 and it added a lovely nutty taste to the smoothie.  There was enough for two and, although I normally like to drink them as I make them, I have saved some to take to work tomorrow. Dates are high in iron and the medjool dates are lovely and sticky - like fudge. The seeds are good for the digestive system and the papaya has superfood enzymes. I'm not an avid follower of superfoods though. I just think you should get a good balance of things. I just wish I didn't like chocolate and cheese so much, it undoes all my good work.

I'm in the pink this week
Raspberry and yogurt cupcakes for the quilt class,
 and pink gerberas to brighten the sitting room.
How beautiful are they? Look at the lovely inner petals and the deep deep chocolate brown centre. 

This evening I am planning to do some more squares,
When I have completed the unfinished ones shown here I will have more than sixty.  I'll do these whilst watching Vera and nibbling on a couple of choc chip cookies, fresh from the oven - and yes there is a half one on the top row - a cook should always check for taste!
Let's hope the weather stays as lovely this week as it has been for the last few days.

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  1. Hi Brendie - love this post and your baking!! The raspberry buns and choc chip cookies from class were yum - in fact I took mine home and had the cookie for breakfast the next day and the bun for my tea-time treat! I would love to learn and crochet but am all fingers and thumbs with the crochet hook and have never progressed beyond a chain of stitches. I've had a look at the Quilting Block pattern book you kindly loaned me and am overwhelmed by choice of design! Great news about baby Ellie Rose - I hope your young friend liked her gift basket. Have a good week - long may the sunshine last! K x