Sunday, 8 June 2014

Annie Sloan excitement

Yesterday Steph and I went on an official Annie Sloan painting workshop. It was in the most unlikely place in the middle of an industrial estate in Hartlepool, but what a lovely little shop and what a warm welcome! Eco-Chic It is run by a lady who is passionate about what she does, which is upcycling furniture. We painted a board to see the basic techniques and had tea and scones too. We came away with a couple of cans of white/old white paint, some little jars of coloured paint and a rather posh brush.  We learnt how to do a leather look, crackle paint and distressed finishes.
 The paint went straight on to bare wood with no priming.
We did a two-colour (salmon pink underneath and a lovely sage on top) on the left and just plain pure white on top of the bare wood on the right.
All the surfaces were then given a coat of clear wax.  The two above then had another coat of wax - this time dark brown.  We rubbed them back to give the effect we wanted.  The bottom half of the white sample was rubbed right back and the top half left with quite a layer of dark wax on.  I can't wait to get at the couple of cabinets I bought from charity shops for less than the price of the brush. I'll have to be patient though because my time is fully scheduled for some weeks to come yet.  I think it will have to be a summer holiday project - if I can wait that long!

One of my little silkie hens was a bit poorly during the week.  She went all subdued and wouldn't eat or drink.  I thought she was a gonner but she laid two eggs during Friday night and has perked up considerably thank goodness. They are busy eating off some of the weeds in one of the veggie beds at the moment.

I cut some bunting and got out the fabric for the cushions we are making for the summer fair but didn't get much further with them today. The house is clean though - I should make a note in the diary!

The 100th granny square came off the hook this week. This will be the last pic until the blanket has been finished because, with the best will in the world a granny square is not that interesting! I've already sewn two lines together but will have to be strong willed and not let myself get side tracked.
In the kitchen today I have been using leftovers.
 Eggs, sugar flour and cocoa powder from the store-cupboard,
A swiss roll in the making,
You have to be careful that you get it rolled fairly tight but don't squash the delicate sponge
Raspberries from the freezer and yoghurt from the fridge
The last of the hazelnut milk, half an apple and some peaches to make this lush smoothie.  A couple of spoons of milled flaxseeds make it really filling for a light lunch.  There is enough left to take to school tomorrow to stop the late afternoon energy drop,
Some chopped chorizo left over from chicken and chorizo wraps during the week, some lemon, thyme, eggs, parmesan and the last of the yoghurt for carbonara which I'll make just in time to eat it on our laps in front of the Canadian F1 tonight.  We'll finish off with the last three peaches and some raspberry puree for a peach melba. I think there may be some vanilla ice cream in the freezer unless Will has finished it.

I've just seen the time so need to get the pan on ready for the start of the race. I'm looking forward to this week - there are some good things going on.
Have a good week everyone.


  1. OH that chocolate cake is to die for! I could feel my mouth starting to water just reading your post!!!
    I'm eagerly awaiting the final pic of your granny blanket - the colours are looking beautiful. I'm busy with square number 54 of an eighty square blanket. My heart is starting to sink a little bit with it right now - I must keep trying!
    Lovely to read your news, as always,
    B x

  2. Hi Brendie - Chocolate Swiss Roll - I have cake envy! I do like reading about your cooking. Poor little silky hen - pleased she's ok now. My little hammy gets subdued now and again but she always seems to rally round for her apple biscuits! Paint workshop sounds fab - I remember learning the paint effects at college - lots of fun! I made a flower bed in the garden today andI reused my broken whirly-gig washing line to make sweet pea cordons with the arms strung with the line. Planted the sweet peas, so hope they grow. I now ache all over but will be better for quilting class on Thursday - I will remember the Chocolat book!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. Cooking has always been a big part of my life. It's great to have inspiration from you Bernice and an appreciative audience from Karen. Lucky me!

    1. Aww, thanks Brendie - I do have a liking for your baked goods! The halloween goody bags with pumpkin cupcakes rank among my favourites! See you Thursday.