Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mostly cushions today

Today I have been mainly making cushions. There are a few froo foos to add including buttons.  This is the first batch for the fair next week.
This afternoon I spent a couple of hours 'on the hill' for a little peaceful painting and chatting time. Lovely - just the ticket.

These are painted direct on the the fabric with acrylic paints diluted with some fabric medium. Steph is going to add the other elements and these will become the last two in this colourway.  She has some lovely blue floral and blue dotty fabric for some more cushions.

This morning I finished sewing and stuffing the little pink bunny. I love my little wooden pins - for reference they are about 3" long.
I had already started on the lacy edge of the dress.  This bit is knitted sideways,
and then the stitches are picked up to knit the main part of the little dress. I was very kindly given permission by Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits to use this pattern for a raffle, the proceeds of which will be going to 'Quilts for Comfort'
And here is Rosy Rabbit, dressed and ready.
John thought she was a pig - maybe I won't knit another pink one.  The book in the background is a present from Will.  It's about a lady who saved up, quit her job (she's American) and went to Europe. To help fund her trip she paints pictures and writes a letter once a month which she sells on subscription. She posts them to people all round the world - what a good idea! It's a latter day blog really. I've just started reading it and she is describing how she is saving enough money to be able to leave work for three months. Quite an eye-opener.

A few cakes from Thursday's quilt class.  I have loads of lovely pictures I took with my phone, of quilts that the ladies are making but, after a software update, I can't bluetooth across to the computer. Something's wrong somewhere because they haven't arrived in my Dropbox or Googledocs either.

Sunday breakfast is my leisurely eat of the week and I am taking advantage of the lovely summer fruits:
As the boys say -  'Nom nom'.  My brother says 'Num num'. Must be a regional thing. John chopped a big pile of onions for me this afternoon (very kindly sharpened my knives too). It relaxes him - don't ask me why. Whilst he made some meat sauce for tomorrow night's lasagne I knocked up a chilli pork meatloaf wrapped in serrano ham for tonight's supper with new potatoes and salad.  Into the oven went these and a chicken which will be for sandwiches, and an undecided supper dish before becoming a delicious stock for the freezer. There's lots of fresh vegetables and fruit waiting to be prepared to go with the meaty offerings. Maybe I'll be able to stay away from the bikkies if everything's ready. (Yeah, right). 

So I better go and iron some clothes before the pile topples over. Actually come to think of it I've already poured myself a stiff shandy so I'd better not operate machinery....

Have a good week - there should be plenty of pictures next week if I work out how to reset my phone. Technology - can't live with it, can't live without it.


  1. Lots of lovely makes here Brendie!

  2. I love the cushions Brendie - Beautiful