Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lazy Easter Monday

As promised some photos of the finished wallhanging - it was a mystery quilt for my Thursday Night Ladies at High Street Quilting.

There are more - not quite finished - Ann is on her second one!  I really love the different colour choices and the decorations and embroidery which make each quilt unique.  From beginners to experienced, each quilt has a special quality. I'll be gathering the the six sheets of pattern together into one over the next week.  I already have the next one in my head and partly on to paper. Designing ~ I love it!

I've been washing - here are some more quilts on the line and the first one is my all time favourite- Flying Geese:
 I love the bright sunlight filtering through the Lady of the Lake quilt.
The sunshine has been glorious again today - Scott (next door but one) has brought his self built car out for a run - seen here with Will. Scott is very sad as he will be selling the Westfield to pay for his wedding. Boys and their toys eh?
John is spending the day in bed with a virus. We need some good weather, solid rest time and some fresh fruit and vegetables I think. Although I have to say John is very good with his diet. He always prepares everything from fresh ingredients - he won't eat ready meals. I think his problem is the lack of sleep and the long working hours.  Balance - my father used to say. Perhaps we should pay more heed to his words.

I've been watching 'Kew on a Plate' with Raymond Blanc (his accent and passion make my knees go weak but that's another story). It's inspiring me to get out in the garden. Will dug over my veggie beds bless him. They have been getting a bit of chicken manure over the winter thanks to his moveable hen-pen. Steph and I will be going to the garden centre tomorrow (avoiding the main Easter rush) to stock up on plants and maybe have a little coffee. The hens are back to full laying after the winter lull. Loving the fresh bright golden egg yolks. 

Talking about weak knees I have just watched the latest episode of Poldark. How handsome is Aiden Turner? Makes an old woman very happy and of course I am a sucker for a love story. Sigh.

Please excuse me now as I am about to watch Raymond Blanc massage some tomatoes with olive oil. Oh my.

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  1. Hi Brendie - catching up with your two posts - what a treat - and drooling over your baking photos! It's my birthday today so having a lazy day off work. Hope you are feeling better and taking some time to craft. I once read that when you slow down away from the daily grind, your immunity levels lower too hence we pick up all kinds of germs and end up ill. Don't know if there is any truth in that, but nothing a bit of chocolate can't sort out! Ben looks sooo cute in work gear - pleased he is a smart boy, observing health & safety by wearing goggles! Will miss our class this week but looking forward to the next one (any chance of sharing the tiffin recipe - they were divine. I am also watching M. Blanc on tv - his accent is swooney (like George Clooney) hee hee! Have a great week. Karen xxx