Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter at the Strawberry Patch

A peek at the week in pictures:

 Ben in his work gear - he won't have help to get his goggles on!
I decided to unpick the yellow hexagon - it looks ok here but the yarn is different and shines too much - it stands out like a sore thumb.
 Making Easter Egg Coasters for the class on Thursday
 Special request from Will - his favourite cake - plain old Victoria Sandwich.
 Did I really choose to make broth on the hottest day of the year so far?
Yay! I made macarons that worked (thank you Edd Kimber) Raspberry and White Chocolate - but they take ages to make.....

Putting the final touches to the wallhanging.

School broke up just over a week ago. Why is it that I often get ill at this time?  Does this happen to other people - it's as though your body says "okay this is pay-back". I started feeling poorly last Saturday, sore throat headache etc. By Monday I was feeling really low but still had three days at work.  Luckily hardly anyone was there so I could be get on quietly and not pass too many germs. Thank you whoever invented Paracetemol.  I just crawled into bed each day when I got back home. By Thursday I felt a bit brighter so I made some tiffin for the class at High Street Quilting and prepped some little gift packs of Easter Coasters for the ladies,

On Friday morning I woke up with not one, but two cold sores.  Time to slow right down, really really. I had enough shopping to last the weekend. So slow down I did. We had Easter Lunch at John's   (delicious - pulled pork, asparagus and dauphinois potatoes with a lovely pea-shoot salad) but  I'm ashamed to say I had an easter egg for my tea - no wonder I can't fight germs! I'm feeling much better now and ready to do a bit of Spring Cleaning. I'll start slowly today with some curtain washing and then get going properly tomorrow with cupboard clearing.

Today is Easter Monday- my pottering day.  I'll be marking up a quilt top which I did ages ago for Quilts for Comfort. Tonight I will have a few more pix of the finished wall hanging and some of the ones that the ladies have done.

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