Sunday, 29 March 2015

Off my needles this week

I seem to have done a lot more with knitting and crochet over the winter months than normal and I'm asking myself why.  I love all the media I work with, patchworking, crocheting, painting, knitting (gardening too) but the yarn has won out spectacularly these past few months. My hexagon blanket is an absolute joy to work on - the colours make my heart sing:
 I finished the Christmas Scarf
 And the blanket for the new baby
I have patterns for the new baby too but none of the yarn I have matches the tension (boo hoo)
How cute??

Well the school has broken up for Easter. I'll be working the first three days of next week and then off until 13th April. I'm so looking forward to the break - it has been a mighty couple of months. I have been lolling about all weekend nursing a sore throat and stinky headache. Roll on the fresh air and light nights in the garden. I need some exercise badly.   Especially when I eat things like this for my lunch.
Excuse me while I lick my lips. Bad girl, but I needed the sugar after today's Grand Prix. Well I think I will check on our tea and then maybe squeak another couple of hexagons in. Oh yes I have realised why the yarn has won out recently. It's the getting out and putting away factor. I just pick up a ball of wool and a hook and go for it. No digging out stuff or cleaning up and putting away.  My kind of craft - I'm getting lazy in my old age.

Maybe the Easter Bunny will give me a kick up the whatever.


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  1. Hi Brendie - hope the Easter Bunny delivers you something nice and chocolatey! Your knitting looks amazing - particularly the scarf. Have to say - the Tiffin Easter Egg nibbles at your class last week were simply divine!!! Will miss your baking next week but enjoy the Easter break and I hope you feel better soon - plenty honey and hot lemon! Karen x