Sunday, 22 March 2015

Just breathing

I'm just breathing - basking in the peace and quiet.  The weather is lovely, the chores are done and now I'm going to settle down to a bit of something yarny.  A few weeks ago I lent my camera to John and it came back with the wrong cable so I'm not able to upload any pictures.  My phone camera is ok but not that great so apologies for the quality. Hopefully the cable will turn up soon.
Ben made me some crispy cakes for Mother's Day.  He did, however, save me some calories by eating the chocolate eggs off the top of every cake. Such a considerate boy. He's had a really nasty cold this past week, with a racking cough,  and hasn't been his normal jolly little self. It breaks your heart when they are just floppy and wan. Even a cuddle from Flossie couldn't restore his spirits.

I made a little hexagon lavender bag this morning when I was having a cuppa. The fabric is some linen I bought at The National Quilt Championships a couple of years ago.  
I think I'll make some more - it only took a few minutes and it's lovely to secrete these little fragrant bags in amongst the yarn, or in my wardrobe.  I have an orange studded with cloves in with my Christmas decorations.  It's about 8 or 9 years old but still releases a lovely Christmassy scent when I open the box.

Well there is much more to tell but it would be boring without pictures - I have finished the Mystery Quilt and many of the ladies at the class are just about finished - there are some absolutely stunning interpretations of this simple little pattern.  I'll take some pictures to show you when they're done.

Steph has just past the six month stage now so I need to get going with a crib quilt.  I've seen a simple design but I have to let it call to me first!  We are having a baby shower in a month so let's hope the call comes soon.

A little quilting, some happy hooking and cooking a shoulder of lamb are the 'tasks' for the rest of the day but at the moment I am just sitting quietly just breathing. 

Til we meet again.

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