Sunday, 8 March 2015

Grumpy Old Woman

Today in the supermarket I was approached by a young woman who said,

"Do you mind if I ask you, do you collect nectar points?"
"Yes, I  replied,
"What do you use them for? she continued,
"The yes was to your first question" I said.

She smiled in a slightly embarrassed way and just said "oh, ok".  Do I feel guilty about cutting her off? No I don't actually.  That's how I know it's official, I am a Grumpy Old Woman.  You know what - it feels good. I hate being accosted by market researchers, or people trying to sell me a new kitchen, or wondering if I wanted to sue anyone.

I've had a horrible week at work and I just want to be with my lovely family, bask in the gorgeous colours of my hexagon blanket and sleep!

I've had to make do with the hexagons though - John is on a course at a Harley Street Clinic for the next three weekends so I'm not going to see much of him. Will is very like me - just likes to have his own company and comes out every now and then for something to eat!

I'm going to make some fig rolls for the class this week - or attempt to make them, I've never done it before, but I'm looking forward to trying.

There's lots to do at work with the new budget in. I'm trying to get a quart out of a pint pot - does that make sense?

Next Friday is Red Nose day and we are having an all night football tournament- ooo I might take my Angel quilt to embroider. The kids don't usually get tired until about 4am. I was on quiet room duty last year (loose definition of quiet there).

The hens are laying more eggs as the days get longer and Will has finished another run for the (very spoiled) rabbit.  Flossie by name Godzilla by nature.

So I'll pour a stiff shandy and get my crochet hook out - 39 made and they barely cover the front of a cushion.

Have a good week everyone xxxx

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  1. Oh Brendie - you've not had a good week - bless you. Well, can I say I am really looking forward to Thursday's class - as always - to spend time with like minded ladies, and all work on our projects and share a cuppa (and biscuit) together. Now that's worth some of the aggro from work and life in general - makes you appreciate the nicer times. I roared with laughter at your encounter with the market researcher! It's hard, isn't it when you understand people are doing their job, but equally you don't want to be bothered by them. Smart answer though!!! Hope you find some time, during the bustle of the week, to do something nice for yourself. See you Thursday. K x