Sunday, 1 January 2017

January - the double headed God

Janus is the god of beginning, gates, transition, time, doorways, passages and endings.  He is usually depicted as having two heads - one looking backwards and one looking forwards.
So it's 2017 - all quivery with anticipation and hope. I enjoyed 2016 - it was a very busy year which ran its course - I was exhausted by the end but I'm rested and I'm looking forward to 2017 with renewed energy. 

So - a little look back and a look forward:

Two of a set of four little covers for notebooks. This one will be for my Quilts for Comfort Quilts. More of those in future blogs.
A little wallhanging for Christmas - note to self - go with your own colours next time.
Hexagons for a grandmothers flower garden - do I put a pathway through or sew them straight together?
Until next week, xxxx

A little plaque - an order for someone at school.
Still baking.
Making a baby blanket (haven't found a baby for it yet - haven't finished it either)
Testing a block and getting it wrong - see also note to self above.

Now these colours excite me. Oh I have such plans (and the fabric to see it through praise be) - rock on 2017.

Next on the horizon is....... (be still my beating heart) a Crochet-Along. Follow this link:  Attic 24 
(Picture from Lucy's blog)
Now those are my colours too - I'm so excited to begin this. It starts next weekend.
At last I got round to painting this little cabinet I bought for a fiver. I can't find the wax polish though.  The paint is finished so I'll show you the finished article in situ when it's waxed. Very shabby chic.
A set of different size covers for various electrical devices. I enjoyed making these. I am embarking on a cover for my sewing machine in 2017 too. 

I started going through some unfinished stuff but got a bit overwhelmed by the task. I will write a list and put things out ready, maybe then it won't seem such a steep cliff to climb. I did actually spend the morning designing a new quilt but I will try to hold back on that until I've at least done some finishing.

So that's 2017 mapped out - question is - when am I going to find time to go to work?

I hope your 2017 is all you wish it to be - work at it though - nothing comes for nothing!

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