Sunday, 4 December 2011

Home is where you hang your keys.

I know I'm a bit of a pumpkin freak but when we were painting at The Crafts House a couple of weeks ago, Karen was making a quilt hanger in the shape of a house.  She decided to make it into a barn and a light bulb switched on in my head.  I've been wanting a new key hanger for the kitchen.  I love the shape of Amish barns and I had another excuse for painting pumpkins!  I drew the basic barn and David cut the shape, adding five hooks for my keys.  Now I just need to convince everyone to put the keys back when they take them. Actually I could paint some (not so little) tags to encourage them not to slip the key into their pockets which are, I think, one-way worm-holes into another universe. The patchwork block is, by the way, called 'Hole in the Barn Door'.

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