Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pin Cushion Chunkies

These pin cushion chunkies were made for our monthly Mavis and Gladys quilting classes.  Next to pumpkins I love gingerbreads (note to self – design a hallowe’en ginger for next year).

At first they were going to be fabric and have thread catchers attached and I may still make some, but I loved the chunky wooden candle holders that Sandra sold.  We thought the holes for the candles would be perfect for a pincushion.  They are filled with sand, which is supposed to sharpen the pins, but they could be filled with toy stuffing as well.  They are good for weighting down fabric when you are rotary cutting too.  I don't know which one is my favourite.  I love the soft pastel colours but I can do bling as well as autumn colours!  I didn't even have to borrow the paints!  I wasn't sure about poking pins in gingerbread tummies but they are still smiling.

1 comment:

  1. they look great!!....i think gingerbread's would be happy to donate their tummy's for pin cushions!!