Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Easter Holidays (gone already?)

I know I went into work over the Easter Break - but where on earth did it disappear to?  I spent the first few days in a state of anxiety after painting over my terracotta bedroom.  My Bear's Paw quilt is helping me make the transition though.  When the wall hanging goes back up (seen here over the headboard) I will be much happier.

I usually put this on during the Autumn months but it's one of my favourites.  The  wall-hanging is a Nancy Halvorsen pattern called 'Give Thanks'. Again one of my favourites.

My friend Karin came for the week so there was rather too much red wine and laughter.  Apart from getting caught in the Metro Centre traffic on Bank Holiday Monday the week was great.  

Karin, Alison and I went up the A697 on Easter Saturday to visit 'Stitchin' Heaven'

How gorgeous are these!!  I love Buggy Barn.  Followers of the Mystery Quilt may well notice some of these appearing soon.

After that we went to the Milkhope Centre (Blagdon) for a luscious lunch and a look round.  Definitely on the list of repeat visits.  I took some cake bars home for the babies - Malteser Bars and Rolo/Toblerone Bars.  A little session of aerobics on the cards I think.  I spent Tuesday at work (start of the new financial year) preparing the budget for dishing out when everyone is back on 16th.  

Karin and I did a bit of knitting too.  My cardigan is coming on - I'm nearly up to the armpits!  She taught me to do Tunisian crochet and I taught her how to do the Solomon's Knot!

Next came a bit of preparation for the next quilting class.  This month is another step on the journey - curved piecing. I think this won't be the most popular block but it is a technique that is used for some lovely quilts, including the Wedding Ring.  I have tried an alternative piecing method which bypasses the curved technique but produces a similar finished effect.

The traditional method

The alternative technique

Karin went home on Thursday.  Spent part of Friday in casualty with Steph who dropped a mirror on her foot.  Big ouch.  Not too much damage though, thank goodness.  We went to look at a house for John and Steph who are just about to jump on to the ladder - it was perfect.  Hopefully they can get the mortgage sorted out.  I know there's lots of houses on the market at the moment but this one is the best by far.

Alison and I went to the Crafts House for our usual Saturday morning session.  It was lovely to see everyone again. And Sandra - looking good gal!!  I did a bit more work on my backgrounds for the journal but I'm way behind Alison.

A bit blurry - shaky hands!

A couple of pages under construction
Karen B was back from America, full of stories of craft shops and wonderful sights - look what she brought for me!

Thank you so much Karen  - these will feature in my journal for sure.

I had another little indulgence over the hols - courtesy of Amazon. 

The Quilt Blocks book is just pictures and names, not instructions, but I know it will be an invaluable tool.  The Fishermen's Sweaters book is stunning.  A labour of love though.  I've spied a pattern for an eight year old child that I would love to knit but I don't know any eight year olds...... well not well enough to knit a jumper like these!  Hey ho.

And now it's Sunday and I'm back to work tomorrow. Actually I have done a lot over the holidays come to think of it.  Work will be a respite then. 

My wonderful washing machine and tumble drier are working their little socks off - God bless Michael Faraday!  The hens need a top up and then I'll  start the Sunday Roast (shh it's chicken).

We eat at six or thereabouts so I'll do some more stitching before we sit down to dinner.


  1. I agree, where has the time gone? I love your journal pages. It's sounds like you packed in quite a bit over the Easter holiday.

  2. the bear claw quilt..great way to bring terracotta back into the room!!you packed a lot into your Easter break..i'm loving your journal pages and how lovely was Karen bringing back goodies..

  3. Hi Brendie,

    Got the day off work so catching up with your Blog. Oh my goodness - I get a mention and a photo! So pleased you like your new paper pad! It was lovey to go craft shopping in America. Your Bear's Paw quilt is beautiful - you'll have to bring the hanging into the Crafts House for a quilted show and tell.... K x