Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Farewell Terracotta Boudoir

My house is only little.  I've always tried to keep the decor light and airy to make the most of the space.  In keeping with this I decided to paint my bedroom an almost white.  Picture a wooden fence on the coast of Cape Cod laid smooth by salty winds - a soft grey green white that has seen years of bright clear sunlight. Restful, clean and airy.  

There's a problem though.  I'm feeling really sad as I paint.   For more time than I'd like to admit, my bedroom has been a deep shade of terracotta. Cozy and warm; rich, deep and mysterious, where I am surrounded by quilts and books and peace;  my space in a house full of light; my naughty little secret.

The BBC website says we have just had the third warmest March on record. I'm sitting here watching the snow pass almost horizontally in front of my window.

Spare a thought for me as I steel myself to paint out the last little bit of my terracotta boudoir.


  1. ..its scary to change..i will be tackling my bedroom closet over Easter..i need to feel organised so i can make the next step on my path forward..trouble is i'm cosy on the stone i'm on!!

  2. Hi Brendia,

    Back from hols so caching up with your blog. You have lots of new posts so I'm making myself a hot chocolate and grabbing a biscuit to sit back, relax and read up on your news. I am loving your writing style and all the photos. Can't wait to catch up with Stitchin' Friends on "The Hill".