Sunday, 29 April 2012

My favourite journal page yet

I've had a lovely time doing one of my journal pages. It's my favourite yet.

First I folded some pages and glued them together to make the 'sail' shapes. Then I used some of Sandra's stamps to make the brick wall and some trees, together with the gateway on the left.  Then I coloured the shapes with some Derwent Inktense pencils.  Next I painted over with a dampened brush to reveal the water-colour effect and then I had to fill in the lines that were missing because I hadn't pressed the stamp evenly enough.  Actually I think I will just sketch the shapes next time if I'm doing something like this. I'm working on the blank bits underneath at the moment which are going to be part of our next class - calligraphy techniques. 

The dark blue and purple sky reminds me of an occasion when my brother and I took our children to Wet 'n Wild.  It was daylight when we went in but dark when we came out.  My nephew said 'look Daddy, it's purple dark'.  He was only about four or five at the time and I can remember wondering when we lose that ability to pick out the soft nuances of colour because we are so busy that we forget to look.  Next time you look at the night sky you will see how many different shades and colours are right before your eyes.

The last block of the quillow was given to the Stitchin' Friends last Monday. Well last except for the front of the cushion.  Soon we will be stitching blocks together to complete the project.  It's been a fun year.  I've loved teaching and sharing the journey with everyone.  See the Mavis and Gladys tab for details of April's Block.  

The mystery quilt is more than half way through now and we are already planning new projects.  I'm just about to do some preparation for meetings we have this week at work.  John is in the kitchen chopping things for tonight's meal, so I might hijack the oven to bake a cake in a little while.

I have two hens living rough under the choisya bush in the front garden at the moment.  They escaped from an allotment and every time we try to catch them they jump over the fence and run on to the road.  I give them food so they probably won't leave.  I just couldn't bear the thought of them starving. They are fertilising my garden which is nice and although I've asked them not to, they are fertilising the garden path too.  We have to check our shoes carefully before coming in!

The weather outside is not the most pleasant so it is nice to potter around in the house.  Gentle Sundays - don't you love them?


  1. Your journal page is gorgeous. Well done. I'll be happy if I do half as well as you did with your folded pages! As for your curve pieced blocks, they're great. Not one of my favourite techniques either but as you say it is all part of learning.Keep up the great work.

  2. Your journal page is lovely - like a book illustration. The Inktense pencils are great aren't they? Use a little to build up colours gently or go wild and apply pure dazzling colour. Been doing my Stitchin' Friends block today and sewed a curved piece, taking my time, precise stitches. When I removed the pins, oh dear, my fabric was stitched on the wrong way! Never mind, it was soon fixed and a chocolate marshmallow soothed my "I don't believe it" moment!