Sunday, 17 June 2012

Every quilt tested

I have just put the finishing stitches into Quillow Number 1 - there may be a few tweaks to the final part of the instructions because the envelope to put an extra piece of wadding didn't quite go to plan but hey ho!

This is the quilt inside its pillow.  I put a double piece of 6oz wadding into the cushion (I hate touching polyester wadding when I've been quilting because it catches on my rough finger tips).  I might try to quilt it into the block on Quillow Number Two but I've never tried to quilt something so thick. 

It's been a long day today.  We had no bread this morning so I decided to make a loaf before everyone got up - kneading gets your blood pumping for sure.  Actually I think it must be one of the nicest ways to start the day if you have the time.

Before and after!!  Trouble is it doesn't last too long once the gannets land. And of course you have to put lashings of butter on....

We actually went out to the farm shop to get some meat and ended up having a coffee and a bacon sandwich so there's enough bread left for breakfast tomorrow.  I love toast made from home baked bread because it has a bit of body to it - it doesn't shatter into shards or leave sawdust crumbs.

I have taken lots of pictures of the construction of the quillow because it is almost impossible to explain without pictures.  If the Governors' Meeting tomorrow doesn't go on too late (I've been there at 10pm a few times), then I will try to publish them when I get home.

For now though I am going to finish my quilt in the way I finish all the others I have ever made.  I have a little snooze under them.  Every quilt is tested by the management!

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