Monday, 4 June 2012

My pips are upside down

I'm having a wonderful break, painting, sewing, listening to my newest audiobook (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel). I didn't see the film but I'm really enjoying the book.  I love curling up on the sofa with a bit of stitching and listening to a good story.  I've been painting a cushion.  I bought the pattern at Stitchin' Heaven - I'd forgotton how much I enjoyed painting on fabric.  Actually I should be doing my own designing of this kind of thing but I loved the pattern so much I couldn't resist.

The original pattern was shaded with a crayon but the paint gives a much stronger colour.  I just chose the ones I liked.  Then I riffled through my fabric collection (always a pleasure)and picked out a green and a toastie pumpkin colour which had most of the other colours in their patterns.  I'm happily backstitching around the design now.  I'll have it finished tomorrow and ready to make into a cushion.  The weather outside is rather nice if not really hot and I should be out in the garden, but the pull of the threads is too strong.

Yesterday I finished off my giant cotton reel which is ready to send down to my friend for her birthday.  She is a keen gardener so I reckoned this was a nice holder for her twine.  Thanks again to Sandra for her Shape of the Month.

Talking about Shapes of the Month - June's is a semi-circle.  I loved Sandra's design for the watermelon, I was painting this very early yesterday morning as the house slumbered.  I was awake enough to note that I should make sure I put the pips the right way round but not awake enough to actually do it!

Hey ho!  So then I started on the hen.  Mine is a Strawberry Hen but it is waiting for its legs.  I haven't got a drill small enough so they will have to wait for their finishing touches until Saturday.

I think I'll have a little break from sewing (I've had to start wearing my thimble pad because the needle has done what comes naturally and I have a hole in my finger - really big ouch there).  We have pizza planned for tonight so I'll go and knead some dough and then I'll have to answer the siren call of the threads.  And my pips?  They'll just have to stay upside down.

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying this bank holiday weekend too. All your projects are brilliant. I love the strawberry hen. I quite fancy painting a cotton reel too. Thanks for sharing.