Sunday, 24 June 2012

Midsummer's Day - really?

Today is Midsummer's Day.  Most people think that the 21st June is Midsummer, but it isn't, it's the Longest Day - a different thing altogether.  I know this because today is my birthday.  Now I'm not a great fan of the huge celebrations and I really don't like people to rush out and buy presents or cards.  I just like peace and quiet. John made cherry pancakes with nectarine sauce and a lovely pot of Machu Piccu coffee for breakfast.  I got some lovely presents from family and friends and have had a day mooching about doing something or nothing because,  despite today's name Summer hasn't arrived in this corner of the land yet. Look at my lovely card made by Alison.
I'm quite shy - at work they make a big fuss of everyone's birthdays - hugs and kisses, presents, 'happy birthday to you' at full volume. They didn't realise how uncomfortable that was for me.  They are very discreet now though and I found a lovely bouquet of flowers on my desk when I went in on Friday.  I'm very affectionate but maybe not that demonstrative.   When John and Steph lived down in Cambridge she couldn't understand why he never gave me a kiss goodbye.  She probably didn't even notice but when we say goodbye I touch his arm.  For me the giving and accepting of that touch has a far deeper meaning than hugs and kisses - people don't notice because it is so quick.

I've been sewing a bit of the mystery quilt this afternoon - here's a sneak preview:

Tomorrow it's the Quilting Bee at the Crafts House and the final part of the quillow instructions are all ready.  If anyone wants to bring their UFOs (unfinished objects) to class we can get on with those, but we also have a little bonus project - another technique to learn, so just turn up with a few scraps of fabric if you want.  We will be revealing the finished quillow and going through a couple of ways of putting it together but for now I'm going to leave the room because there is a box of choccies with my name on it and I'm trying not to wolf them down in one go!

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