Thursday, 2 August 2012

Yipee! Let the holiday begin!

I have two weeks and one day of wonderful holiday. No foreign trips, just me at home doing what I love.  Work has been a long hard slog for months now. We are having an £8m refurbishment at school and we have had to 'decant' into half of the building.  Getting up at 6am and coming home after 9pm is not quite how I would want to spend my time.  However, the move is done, the school is closed for two weeks and the builders have moved in.  It will be nearly two years and a few more moves before our building is complete but for now the quilt lamp has been lit.  I started my break with a cup of builder's tea and a scone and then I prepared my sewing:

This is my must-complete project for the summer (well before 24th September to be in time for the 'special' event).  I love tumbling blocks. Sometimes I piece them in rows and sometimes in blocks as above.  I always iron my blocks as I piece - it's personal preference of course - I use a dry iron and press straight down.  No steam until the final press and then only a little. Turning the seams makes for a nice flat finish and suits my sense of order. Order is my blankie in times of stress.

I have a long list of things I want to do (or should do - like decorate the hall) but I know I probably won't get through everything.  I am, however, determined to make the most of the time I'm at home because I've felt like I've been wading through treacle lately.  I will also make sure I have time to stand and stare, I'm good at that!

For now I'm just off to make some scrambled eggs on toast for tea and then I'll be back stitching and listening to the Olympics.  Mmm - holidays.


  1. Enjoy your holiday. X

  2. Oooh Brendie, been waiting for a new post on your Blog for ages! Hope you will be showing us Tumbling Blocks in your guise as Mavis (or are you Gladys?) at the next Quilting Bee at The Crafts House.

    Just ate a bacon sandwich for tea but your scrambled eggs on toast sound lovely. I'm inspired - and off to the kitchen for a second tea!

  3. ..glad you get to have a break..liking the look of those tumbling blocks..i too would like to learn how to make them as my first attempt still makes me cringe..they didn't tumble it was more of a "stumble"!!